DeMarco Morgan Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

At CBS Network, DeMarco Morgan is known for his portrayal of a spectacular journalist. His work as a news correspondent, reporter, and news anchor has earned him a lot of respect and fame.

DeMarco received his early education at Booker T. Washington High School. Later, for his undergraduate studies, he attended Jackson State University.

The journalist’s dedication and enthusiasm in the field led him to Columbia University, where he earned a degree in Journalism.

DeMarco Morgan: Age, Parents

Every year on November 28th, the famous journalist DeMarco Morgan celebrates his birthday. On his 39th birthday in 2019, the man will be 39 years old. DeMarco was born in the United States to African American parents.

DeMarco was raised by a single parent after his father died on Father’s Day when he was only ten years old. As a result, DeMarco learned to cope with adversity from his mother.

DeMarco’s first few days at work were mostly difficult. He didn’t have any money and had to work very hard to start his career in journalism.

And then there was his mother, who was always there for him and taught him the essence of God. This motivated DeMarco to work harder toward his goal, always keeping God in mind.

DeMarco’s older brother, on the other hand, chose the wrong career path. His brother was a drug dealer who ended up in prison.

DeMarco stated that his mother never allowed his father’s death to have a negative impact on him. However, because his brother was much older, his mother found it difficult to stop him from doing wrong.

Thus, DeMarco’s mother has played a significant role in his current level of success and fame.

Relationship Status: Single?

DeMarco has been candid about his early family life. However, the man has not revealed anything about his previous relationships.

DeMarco’s TV wife is the only known fact about his relationship. Brenda Wood, a fellow journalist, is DeMarco’s television wife.

Brenda retired in October 2016 after 40 years of service in the field. During her retirement, DeMarco wrote her a short message in which he referred to her as a TV business persona who embodied class, style, and grace.

Hopefully, DeMarco and his TV wife’s relationship will last a lifetime.

Some of DeMarco’s fans, on the other hand, believe he is gay. This is because the man hasn’t revealed anything about his love affairs. DeMarco, on the other hand, has never publicly revealed his sexual orientation.

Nonetheless, DeMarco’s fans are hoping that he will reveal the identity of the woman he plans to marry soon.

Salary and Career at CBS

DeMarco’s journey to realize his childhood dream of becoming a journalist has been fraught with ups and downs. DeMarco has stated that he is “fulfilling his dream” by landing on a reputable network like CBS.

DeMarco previously worked as a reporter and co-anchor for Atlanta’s WXIA TV, as well as a weekend anchor for WNBC TV.

DeMarco began his new job as a CBS news correspondent in November 2015. His time at CBS was a watershed moment in DeMarco’s career.

DeMarco’s fight for betterment has landed him a job as a CBS morning news anchor.

An anchor at CBS typically earns more than $165K per year. However, DeMarco’s salary must be higher because he is one of the most dedicated employees in the company.

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