Debbie Gibson’s Boyfriend Is A Doctor and Helps With Her Lyme Disease

Rutledge Taylor, Debbie Gibson’s doctor’s boyfriend, has been assisting her in overcoming the challenges that have come with her Lyme Disease diagnosis since 2013.

Debbie Gibson, an American singer-songwriter, has been battling Lyme illness for the past eight years. However, with the support of her lifelong boyfriend, Rutledge Taylor, she was able to overcome her troubles.

Relationship Status

Gibson has been dating Rutledge Taylor, a medical practitioner, since 2008. Gibson stated she had decided not to walk down the aisle when asked about getting married and having children on The Conversation with Maria Menounos.

Gibson claimed she was dedicated to Taylor regardless of whether or not she married him, similar to how one does not have to be a husband-wife to be committed to another person.

Debbie Gibson Rutledge Taylor
Debbie Gibson ( Source: Pinterest)

Their promise was to do everything they could to make their relationship work. The couple has agreed that if either of them believes the relationship isn’t healthy for them, they will end it.

Debbie Gibson Credits Her Doctor Boyfriend For Helping With Her Medical Problem

The 50-year-old singer stated on her blog in 2014 that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2013. Gibson turned to her blog after a year of being teased about her skeleton-like physique to explain how she found her disease.

She admitted that she had no idea how she got the condition. She had been tested after various symptoms began to appear, but she had not been tested particularly for Lyme Disease. She struggled with the symptoms for a few months and forced herself to do gigs every now and again.

She tried numerous treatments, including as an extreme cleanse and botox, to improve her appearance and control her symptoms, which were worsening by the day, but they just made things worse.

Gibson was eventually diagnosed with Lymes disease after visiting numerous doctors and undergoing numerous tests.

Debbie Gibson
Source: The Mirror

Gibson said that she was being treated and medicated for Lyme disease in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly in 2018. However, she was able to overcome her symptoms with the support of her boyfriend Taylor.

Taylor, as a doctor, delved into study in the hopes of finding a way to alleviate Gibson’s agony. He conducted research on Lyme disease and assisted the singer in pursuing integrative approaches such as preventive medicine and non-traditional remedies such as meditation.

She went on to say that there were moments when she felt great and was pain-free, and other times when she became hypersensitive to noises and cuisines.

She explained that the sickness had altered her immunological and nervous systems, as well as her personality. She didn’t, however, quit grinding. Despite her illness, she continued to work and promised that she would not allow her illness to define who she was.

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