David Spade: Doesn’t Want to Repeat the Sins of His Father

David Spade appears to be a perpetual bachelor. Despite having dated a slew of A-listers over the years, he has never married.

David Spade, on the other hand, is serious about his responsibility to his daughter, Harper.

So much so that he severed ties with one of his parents because she was a bad influence on him.

David Spade Severs Ties with His Father for the Sake of His Daughter

Spade’s audiobook, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, was a fascinating listen for anyone interested in his family life. He went into great detail about his parenthood journey in the book.

He devoted an entire chapter to his father’s mistakes after Harper, his daughter with former partner Jillian Grace, was born in 2008.

His revelations revealed how serious he was about raising his daughter properly. Spade wanted to be there for her at all times.

He described his father, Sam, as a “f*** up” and “a bit of a boozy Suzy” in the chapter. He had abandoned his children, Spade and his two brothers, when Spade was only four years old.

The comedian only saw his father a few times a year, and only when Sam requested it. Sam was deeply affected by his lack of interest or care in his life.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of my daughter being sick and calling me and me not answering,” he admitted in the book. “Or just calling her and leaving no way for her to call me.”

All of his manipulative behavior caused Spade to feel a “new tidal wave of resentment” when Harper arrived, prompting him to cut all ties.

He and Grace had no intention of having Harper, which made him angry. He later referred to her as the best thing in her life.

Harper’s Relationship with Spade

As previously stated, Spade and Grace had no intention of having Harper. Around January 2008, there was even speculation that Grace was pregnant with Spade’s child.

When he admitted his relationship with Grace, he stated that if the child was proven to be his, he would accept full responsibility for it. He agreed with her.

Harper was born on the 26th of August, 2008. Spade and Grace had divorced prior to 2008, so she did not have a traditional family life.

They did, however, maintain a positive co-parenting relationship. Harper’s third birthday was celebrated by taking her to Disneyland.

He even kept her spirits up until she was about five and a half years old. Spade had let her win every game they had played up until that point, but he joked with Ellen in 2015 that he was getting tired of letting her win every time.

Harper appears on her father’s Instagram fairly frequently, but Spade has revealed little about her other than a few amusing anecdotes here and there.

She has also met some of his girlfriends over the years. During a subsequent interview with Ellen in November 2019, he revealed that he and Harper had visited Magic Mountain with his then-girlfriend.

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