David Dobrik Net Worth Is Getting a Lot of Attention! The Figure Will Be Proved By The Man’s Car And House!

David Dobrik, one of YouTube’s biggest stars, appeared to be on the verge of deportation after US President Donald Trump chose to cancel Barack Obama’s DACA program on the fifth of this month.

David Dobrik, 23, whose address is in Los Angeles, was born in Kosice, Slovakia, and was facing deportation. Daisy Marquez, a 21-year-old YouTuber from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, would be another DREAMer at risk.

While the YouTube stars were displaying their disappointments on social media, the net worths of the DREAMers drew people’s attention. Today, let’s have a look at one of the stars, David Dobrik, who earned a massive fortune.

Net Worth

David Dobrik first rose to prominence through six-second Vine videos, and he has since amassed over 1.3 million Vine followers. In addition, he joined the video platform on December 19, 2014, and began focusing his efforts on YouTube in 2015.

David’s self-titled YouTube channel has amassed over five million followers and 1.3 billion viewers. He is best known for his weekly vlogs, which he publishes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Aside from being a YouTube sensation, David is also an artist who appeared as a guest on an episode of The Honest Show and played the minor role of Taylor Mackey in last year’s comedy film, FML. He will, however, be seen in the upcoming production titled ‘Airplane Mode’.
With the help of Google ads and appearances on both small and large screens, this Youtuber has amassed a handsome fortune, with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

In addition, he owns a house and a car. He recently took his followers on a house tour with his former girlfriend in a video aired on his second channel on June 18th, 2017. The various aspects of his opulent-looking home can also be seen in the image below. Regarding his car, he received a magnificent car as a gift from his friend Jason the same year. He even uploaded a video in which he discussed living with his girlfriend, Liza Koshy.

He had been dating Liza, a prominent YouTuber with around 11.5 million subscribers, since late 2015. It wasn’t his first, after all. He previously owned a Tesla, which was involved in an accident five months ago. Furthermore, David-related stuff, such as various apparel items and other accessories, is available for purchase.

David, on the other hand, will not be deported since a man of his caliber is a valuable asset to the United States!

Getting Married To A Friend’s Mother

It’s not a novel scenario in which YouTubers go to great efforts to grab audience attention and create hype. David did the same thing by marrying his friend Jashon Nash’s mother, Lorraine Nash.

He verified the news by posting images from the wedding to his Instagram account with the remark,

“My friend told me I would never find love and get married. So I flew to his mom’s house and married her on the spot. Now that same friend is my stepson. True love always wins.”

Despite the fact that the marriage was legal, it was clear that his surprising gesture was nothing more than a cheap stunt from one of his hoax videos, as he published another post writing,

“Last night I became my best friend’s stepfather by marrying his mother. So grateful for this opportunity. I’ll treat you as my own. Love you Jason, now go take out the trash it’s stinking up our living room.”

Furthermore, the marriage only lasted a month, and he eventually filed for divorce a month after their marriage. The prank paid off for him, as he received almost 9 million visitors on his self-titled YouTube channel after publishing the title. Fortunately, he didn’t have children with her, otherwise, he would have gone to great lengths.

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