Danny Gonzalez and His Wife Were Secretly Married – Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About The Couple!

Danny Gonzalez is a well-known YouTuber who switched to YouTube after the popular 6-second video-sharing program Vine was discontinued.

He had approximately 3 million followers on Vine when the program was shut down. He then moved to YouTube, where he discovered a community that was equally as welcoming as Vine’s, and vowed to expand his channel.

The YouTuber entertains his 4.76 million fans with comedic and reaction videos. His other social media sites have substantial fan bases as well, with 946,000 Instagram followers, 829,000 Twitter followers, and 1.9 million TikTok followers. He also has a second YouTube channel called ‘2 Danny 2 Furious,’ which features similar stuff to his first.

Despite having a very prominent business, the YouTuber keeps his personal life, particularly his marriage, very secret. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of facts you should know about Danny and his wife, Laura Gonzalez.

How did the couple meet?

Laura stated in a Reddit discussion that the couple had been dating since Danny was 16 and she was 17. A screenshot of Laura’s Instagram story, which included a photo of them as teenagers, was also shared by the fans.

Secret Marriage

Danny and Laura married in secret in 2017. On July 19 of that year, a concerned fan questioned him on Twitter why he hadn’t been active on his YouTube channel video in a while, to which he answered that he was busy getting married and vacationing.

The couple is so discreet about their relationship that Laura only has two images of herself with Danny on Instagram.

Moved to Illinois

Danny stated in a YouTube video a year after their wedding that he had moved to Illinois to live with his parents until he could afford his own place.

The YouTuber joked that he used a technique known as “The Reverse YouTuber.” He added that now that he was renowned, he was relocating away from Los Angeles, which is the opposite of what most YouTubers did after they were popular. A month later, he told supporters on Instagram that he had just bought a $2 million mansion.

Danny Gonzalez’ Instagram Features Laura

Danny took to Instagram shortly after the wedding Tweet to post a photo of himself and his wife. Danny sat in a patterned shirt and shorts, with Laura standing behind him, in the lovely photo.

Danny Gonzalez and Laura
Source: The Netline

She was dressed in a patterned off-shoulder blouse and leggings, and she laid her hand on Danny’s shoulder, flashing what appeared to be a wedding band. Fans inquired in the comments section if Danny’s wife was the woman in the photo.

The Couple Makes Videos Together

Despite the fact that the couple is very private, Laura has participated in several of Danny’s videos, demonstrating her support for his YouTube business. In addition, the two have appeared in a few reaction videos on Danny’s two YouTube channels.

Danny Gonzalez and his wife
Source: Youtube

Danny and Laura also starred in a video in which they attempted the infamous “Girlfriend Does My Makeup” challenge.

Laura was spotted assisting Danny in concealing a pimple for a video. She appears to be an expert in the field of cosmetics.

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