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Danielle Cormack is the mother of Ethan Cormack Anderson. New Zealand’s Danielle Cormack acts on stage and in movies.

She helped start the long-running soap opera Shortland Street, but she is best known for her roles as the Amazon Ephiny in Xena: Warrior Princess, Cynthia Ross in The Cult, and Shota in Legend of the Seeker.

Danielle Cormack: Relationship Status

Danielle Cormack is an actress who lives in New Zealand. She is his mother. She is best known for playing Amazon Ephiny on the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess. Danielle was also one of the original cast members of Shortland Street, a long-running soap opera. His father’s name is Hayden Anderson. He was the first child his parents had. 1996 is the year that Ethan Cormack Anderson was born.

There is no public information about his father or how he and his mother broke up. After they broke up, she started going out with Pana Hema Taylor, a New Zealand actor with Maori roots. He is best known for his role in the movie Spartacus. He was born and raised in Wairoa. When he was a teenager, he joined the Mongrel Mob, an organized street gang with more than thirty groups all over New Zealand.

His mother was so worried about him that she sent him to live with his father in Christchurch, even though she was no longer married to his father. Danielle met him on the set of a play she was working on.

She was in charge of designing the costumes and set. Then they became connected. In 2009, they first met. At the time, he was only 20, and Danielle was 38. About eighteen years separated them. She also got a lot of criticism for dating a man who was a lot younger than she was.

She got pregnant with her second child after almost 14 years. Their son is named Te Ahi Ka. He came into the world on March 19, 2010. But things didn’t work out between them, so they decided to split up. In 2013, they split up.

Five years had passed since they started dating. Danielle once told LOTL Magazine that she had both male and female long-term partners. She said that she doesn’t like to put sexual habits into groups.

Danielle Cormack is now dating Canadian director and producer Adam Anthony. We don’t know how well they got along, but she said they were together when her child was young.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ethan Cormack Anderson
First Name Ethan
Middle Name Cormack
Last Name Anderson
Date of Birth 1996
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality New Zealand
Father Name Hayden Anderson
Mother Name Danielle Cormack
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Male
Sibilings Te Ahi Ka Cormack Hema-Taylor

Net Worth and Salary

The news hasn’t said how much Ethan Cormack Anderson is worth yet. But his mother, Danielle Cormack, is said to have a $5 million net worth. Her salary is $850,000 per year. Her main way to make money is by performing and being famous.


  • The age of Ethan Cormack Anderson is twenty-four.
  • For her role in “Wentworth,” her mother won the ASTRA Award for Most Outstanding Female Actor.
  • In a 48-hour film competition, Mirage’s mother won the award for Best Manic Performance.

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