Danielle Cohn Made Allegations Towards Michael Weist And He Has Responded and Exposed Cohn With A Youtube Video!

YouTubers have been calling out and exposing people here and there, so there must be something unusual in the air these days. Danielle Cohn is one of these YouTubers. Cohn is a YouTube and TikTok sensation who has now branched out into the music business. She has, however, been embroiled in a slew of scandals in recent years.

Her true age is unknown to everyone save her family. Her father and she have openly feuded over her age. Cohn, according to her father, is at least two years younger than she claims. She was 15 years old at the time and dating Mikey Tua. She staged a marriage and pregnancy with Tua, causing widespread outrage.

She’s also been queer-baited and has gotten herself into a lot of difficulty because of photographs she’s posted on social media. She has found herself embroiled in yet another dispute, this time with her manager, Michael Weist.

Michael Weist Exposed by Danielle Cohn

Michael Weist hails from the United States and works as a producer and manager. He is noted for being Tana Mongeau’s former manager and for organizing the infamous TanaCon in 2018. TanaCon was one of the most disastrous fan conventions in history. With no food or drink, over 20,000 supporters waited for Mongeau in 90-degree heat.

Several people were sent to the hospital, prompting Mongeau to issue a public apology, blaming Weist. Weist also appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the response following TanaCon.

Danielle Cohn
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The incident showed Weist’s guilt, and Mongeau hated herself for putting her faith in a guy like him. Although it has been nearly three years since TanaCon, the public’s perception of Weist has not changed.

Cohn appears to share this viewpoint, since she recently exposed her manager in a video posted on August 8, 2021. She accused Weist of lying about her funds and contract in a video titled ‘Addressing the Hate + Full Truth!’ She didn’t say his name, but it was clear that she was referring to Weist. She then spoke to her admirers, who had requested that she hire a real manager rather than her mother, Jennifer, who was in charge of everything.

Cohn said that she had a manager who was robbing her. She went on to say that the manager falsified her signature and claimed ownership of her. She blamed her admirers for pressuring her to hire a manager rather than allowing her mother to handle her business. Because a stranger had stolen her money, the YouTuber said she trusted Jennifer more than strangers.

Michael Weist’s Reaction to Danielle’s Allegations

Weist released a video on August 22, 2021, in which he refuted Cohn’s charges. He recounted the things he had done for her before reacting to Cohn’s charges. He stated he gave her as many discounts as he could, but Cohn had not paid him for the music videos he created. Cohn was regarded a member of Weist’s family, and he claimed to have known her since she was a child.

Weist was recording an Obsessed documentary for Cohn when he decided to stop after getting to know the YouTuber and her mother better. The main reason, he stated, was that things had become “too dark.”

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Jennifer was also accused of “pimping her daughter” on social media, according to him. He described her as “problematic and toxic,” and implied that she was abusing Cohn for financial gain. Weist defended himself, saying he never forged Cohn’s signature or took her money. Weist’s management had claimed the YouTube earnings from the videos he produced, prompting Cohn’s charges.

He said that it was only a technique for extracting cash from the films, as Cohn and Jennifer had desired. He stated that he would file a defamation and slander lawsuit against Cohn.

Danielle Cohn Responded Back To Weist

Cohn responded to Weist’s comment in a video posted to her YouTube channel on August 26, 2021. She claimed she was receiving a lot of backlash and was enraged that people didn’t believe her.

When individuals leave Cohn’s life, it appears that they do things like this to harm her and her family. She implied that Weist was a bad guy who didn’t understand why people trusted him.

Jennifer, she added, was not abusing her. Cohn stated that she would leave her home if she was being abused. Finally, she charged Weist of lying, claiming that nothing he stated was accurate.

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