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Dana Perino– Biography, Facts & Life Story

Dana Perino, a familiar face among Fox News viewers, is one of the wealthiest political commentators in the country. Learn about her educational background, career, salary, and net worth. She is the network’s go-to anchor, providing insight on everything from the President’s foreign tour to the impact of conflict on the Korean Peninsula in the world stage.

She is a co-host of Fox’s chat show The Five and the daily broadcast The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, in addition to commenting on political issues for Fox News. Aside from that, she has had a number of government posts, the most noteworthy of which was White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush.

Perino has become one of the most well-known political analysts, with a net worth of millions of dollars, making her one of the wealthiest women on television. Join us as we talk about her job and how it has helped her build such a large fortune.


Perino, the well-known anchor, has always been interested in politics, and her schooling reflects that. She continued her study after earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a minor in political science. She pursued her passion and earned a master’s degree in international relations. Her media career began as a reporter and correspondent for numerous local stations while she was still in college.

She worked as an aide to congressman Scott McInnis in the bureaucracy. In the meantime, she served as Dan Schaefer’s press secretary for four years, until 1998. She returned to the United States after a brief stint in the United Kingdom, where she worked as a spokesman for the Department of Justice for two years. She worked her way up the white house bureaucracy ladder, eventually becoming the president’s deputy press secretary in 2005.

She was appointed to White House Press Secretary two years later, in September 2007, a position she retained until the conclusion of the Bush Administration in January 2009.

When did she return to journalism?

She became a political pundit on Fox News after leaving the White House. She quickly rose through the ranks at Fox News to become an anchor, and she has presented a number of shows, including The Five and The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino.

Her time with Fox has seen her progress from one level to the next. She began as a political pundit and has been one of The Five’s five panelists since its beginning in 2011.

Relationship Status

She was born Dana Marie Perino to Italian parents on May 9, 1972, and had a romantic relationship with UK-born businessman Peter McMahon. The pair married in late 1998 after dating for nearly a year. Perino moved to the United Kingdom for three years after her marriage to McMahon, but returned to the United States after being invited by the Department of Justice.

Dana Perino husband
Source: The Netline

She has seized the helm of the most prominent bureaucratic posts of the states, with large duties and much better wages, after working for the Department of Justice.

Dana Perino: Net Worth 2022/2023

During her career as a journalist, Anchor Perino has had a number of significant jobs. She worked for the Bush administration for eight years, earning a salary of $172,200 per year as Press Secretary. She also worked for Bush’s successor, Barrack Obama, for whom she received a hefty annual salary.

She is also a best-selling author who has penned novels including ‘Everything Will Be Okay,’ ‘And the Good News Is,‘ and ‘Let Me Tell You About Jasper,’ all of which have contributed to her net worth. She also receives a sizable income for her work with Fox News. With these wages, Perino is now one of the highest-paid female news reporters in the industry.

She has a net worth of $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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