Despite Having A Wife Corey Holcomb Watches Movies With His Mistress!

Relationships, affairs, and love are naturally complex topics that differ from person to person. But it appears like Corey Holcomb has it all figured out for himself, to the point that he isn’t scared to tell his wife about his’side chicks,’ and vice versa.

Is it cheating if you tell the media that despite being married, you only watch movies with your mistresses? You can decide for yourself. Is it still infidelity if the wife is aware of the situation? Corey Holcomb, a stand-up comedian and actor from the United States, may have a solution. He is a brave and honest man who has been forthright about his “extramarital relations,” to the point that he isn’t afraid to tell his wife about his “side chicks” and vice versa.

Relationship Status

Maya Holcomb is the name of Corey Holcomb’s wife. Despite the fact that the specifics of their marriage, such as where and when it took place, remain unknown, they have three children together.

And, like those facts, his wife and children would rather stay out of the spotlight. Even when Corey makes jokes about his wife, she is always the punchline.

Corey Holcomb Wife
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Corey Holcomb Says Wife Might Know About His Affairs: ‘She’s Not 100% Sure, But She Ain’t Dumb’

Because Corey is a celebrity, his interviews are only available online, not just for his admirers but also for his wife. As a result, it’s very likely that she’s seen her husband’s various interviews and comic sets in which he discusses his affairs.

But instead, let’s hear it right from the horse’s mouth. A reporter from TMZ asked Corey if he had seen Fifty Shades of Grey during a brief interview. According to Corey, he exclusively watches movies with his mistresses.

The reporter then inquired as to whether his wife was aware of his extramarital affairs. As he skittishly said, the shooting crew burst out laughing.

She’s not hundred percent sure, but she ain’t dumb. 

“I love you, baby,” he continued after a brief pause, capping up the first section of the interview with the punchline.

Corey Holcomb’s ‘Side Chicks’ Know That He’s Married

Corey Holcomb told that he had told his mistresses that he was happily married and that they needed to do a better job of keeping their affair hidden from his wife.

Corey Holcomb Yasmin Young
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The interview, however, did not end there. In a more serious tone, Corey explained that he was depressed on the way home because ‘it was so easy to get with some of these poor girls.’

The comedian went on to say that despite his demands that the females do better by rejecting someone who already has a wife, they never did; he explained that they couldn’t blame him because he wasn’t the only one responsible for the affair.

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