Complete Information about Robert Benevides’s Relationship with Raymond Burr!

Hollywood was not exactly a gay-friendly milieu in the mid-twentieth century. On and off-screen, TV and film studios worked hard to promote a rosy, familial picture of the industry’s stars, often in collaboration with gossip columnists.

The same is true for Canadian-American actor Robert Benevides, who rose to popularity as Raymond Burr’s companion.

Being a gay couple in 2020 is still frowned upon in many societies, just as it was in the 1960s. Benevides, like his partner, worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, but he never reached the heights of Burr, who created television shows such as ‘Perry Mason and ‘Ironside.’

Relationship Status

Raymond Burr, Robert Benevides’ gay partner, died on September 12, 1993, yet his television work lives on in the streets. The LGBT pair initially met on the set of ‘Perry Mason‘ in 1960. Surprisingly, the two hit it off right away and have been dating ever since.

Benevides and his partner Burr never married, but they were proud of their partnership and their role as LGBT community advocates in traditional society. Surprisingly, Robert’s late-lover was married to fellow actress Isabella Ward for four and a half years before separating in 1952. They also didn’t have any children together.

Robert Benevides and the late Raymond Burr sometimes felt isolated from society due to their sexual inclinations. In an interview, he discussed how he deals with challenges that heterosexual couples never have to face. Unfortunately, Benevides was sometimes referred to in the media as Burr’s business partner rather than his true name.

Robert Benevides- Early Life

Robert Benevides was born in Visalia, California on February 9, 1930. He will be 93 years old in 2023. Furthermore, he is quite discreet about his early life and background. There is no information available regarding his educational background or siblings.

Despite the fact that he is no longer in the entertainment industry, the 93-year-old enjoys spending his retirement in his vineyard. While Benevides keeps a low profile when it comes to his family, he did explain how his father found him an eight-acre plot of land. Raymond Burr, on the other hand, is a British Columbia native who was born in Westminster. The late actor went to California when he was six years old and began his performing career at an early age.

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