Comedian Andrew Schulz Is Engaged To Emma Turner But Had A Slip of the Tongue When He Proposed to His Girlfriend!

Andrew Schulz is a stand-up comedian who uses his confidence, comedy, and charm to wow the audience.

Even this self-assured guy got jelly knees when Andrew Schulz proposed to his fiancée.

The comedian may be able to execute his punch lines and perform in front of a live audience with ease, but he was speechless when it came to one of life’s most significant moments.

Andrew Schulz was tense during His Proposal to His Girlfriend

Schulz, in addition to being a comedian, also conducts podcasts. In one of these podcasts, Flagrant 2, he discussed his engagement to Emma.

He described how he proposed to his fiancée in her favorite restaurant to the other hosts.
Because he was worried, the comic had typed the proposed lines on his phone and started memorizing them. He was so worried that he’d screw it up.

He went down on one knee and attempted to be as seamless as possible with his proposal. But, as his nerves kicked in, he made a mistake and instead of asking Emma if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, he ended up saying, “Will you spend the least of your rife with me?” But it all works out in the end. Emma agreed!

He occasionally posts Emma’s photos on social media.

The New York-based podcaster hasn’t totally kept his fiancée off of his social media platforms, as she frequently appears in his posts. We can see images from the couple’s trips to numerous destinations thanks to Schulz’s Instagram account.

He has also posted one of their Halloween outfits, in which they dressed up as Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, in addition to images from their travels to different locations.

In another photo, the stand-up comedian is seen advertising his merchandise with Emma and a dog model. He made a joke about how demanding his fiance is, telling the dog to sit.

Look at how dictatorial my fiancé is… not just to me, but also to a helpless dog model. PETA should be contacted…

The Comedian Desires a Child

Schulz has declared his wish to be a father on numerous occasions. He jokes on his postings as a comedian, asking whether someone was ready to be pregnant with his baby.

Can we, however, take the words of a comedian seriously? Perhaps not. But now that he’s engaged, any baby fever he may have contracted (if he did) may be healed!

Emma is a Pilates Master Trainer.

People are intrigued about the comedian’s fiancée because he has kept her hidden from the public light.

Because Emma’s social media accounts are hidden, the only way to learn about her is through other people, such as her mother. In an interview with Yoga Poses Asana, her mother Kristin discussed her daughter.

Emma, she said, was her youngest child and had a BASI Pilates certification but wasn’t teaching at the time. They were included in the Pilates Style article ‘A Family Affair,’ which showcased three generations of Pilates practitioners.

Emma is now earning her MBA at NYU Stern School of Business, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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