Collins Bros Jeep Owner Dennis Collins’ Daughter Kelsey Has Joined Her Father’s Business!

Consider having a daughter who is also your business partner. Dennis Collins, the founder of Collins Bros Jeep, and his wife Kimberly are thrilled to have a daughter who is following in her father’s footsteps and achieving success.

Kelsey Collins’ entire existence revolves around vehicles, from driving new cars each week to chatting about cars to attending to car auctions. She has been so familiar with her father’s passion that she is now establishing her own name in the industry. Kelsey Collin, Dennis Collin’s daughter, is following in her father’s footsteps.

Dennis Collins and his wife Kimberly Collins have a daughter named Kelsey Collins. Kelsey, who was young and active at the time, shared her father’s passion for automobiles.

For many years, the Collins Bros Jeep endeavor has focused on maintaining and restoring cars and jeeps. Dennis’s daughter Kelsey has also managed to catch up with the family business at an early age.

Her life revolves around cars being the daughter of a car lover. She is typically seen driving automobiles, discussing vehicles, attending car auctions, or flipping sports cars. She and her father were also featured on the Discovery Channel’s show Fast N’Loud.

Kelsey is striving to build a name for herself in the industry, despite working as a business partner in her father’s company. She has her own website, Classics Dead Or Alive, where she sells both running and non-running cars. She then restores those automobiles.

Collins completed her first ‘Tire Rack One Lap of America’ in 2019 while driving a Roush Stage 3 Mustang. Dennis, an ecstatic parent, could not contain his joy as he shared on Facebook on May 14, 2019, how she drove over some of the most demanding course roads in the United States with no prior track expertise. He isn’t bashful in expressing his admiration for Kelsey’s accomplishments.

This girl, I swear, has no fear and thrives on adrenaline rushes… as if he were a parent as if he were a daughter

Dennis is ecstatic with his young entrepreneur daughter, who is eager to follow in his footsteps. He expressed his admiration for his daughter in an Instagram post dated July 11, 2019. She is currently employed with Collins Bros Jeep as a Media Director.

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Dennis and his wife, Kimberly Collins, have been married since 1993.

Dennis is married to Kimberly, a wonderful woman. The couple married on February 12, 1993, and have been as close as brothers ever since. The couple’s 28 years of marriage have coincided with the growth of their family business.

Even after celebrating their silver jubilee together, Dennis appears to be madly over heels in love with his wife. On February 12, 2018, in Texas, the millionaire presented his wife with a brand-new diamond ring in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary.

The automotive aficionado is devoted to his wife, whom he sees as an integral component of his success. Kim is his wife, business partner, and best friend, and he considers himself fortunate to have her as his wife, business partner, and best friend. Few businesspeople are known to be so adoring of their wives.

Dennis, in addition to being a successful businessman, is a dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his attractive wife and daughter. Dennis is a wonderfully blessed man, with his wife’s affection, his daughter’s accomplishment, and his million-dollar business enterprise.

Kelsey, their daughter, has a boyfriend

On May 2, 2021, Kelsey revealed her relationship status to her fans and followed by posting a photo with her partner. Cole Franklin is a Dallas, Texas-based artist.

She posed with her Mr. Perfect in the photo, and she indicated on Instagram that they were traveling to “St. Louis for the weekend.”

Aside from that, little else is known about her connection.

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