Cleive Ester Adams Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height

Who is Cleive Ester Adams?

People can achieve celebrity in a number of ways. Some people become famous as a result of their creativity, talent, or status as the wives of celebrities. Others gain notoriety as the parents of famous children. Cleive Ester Adam belongs to the last group.

Because of his children and grandchildren, he became well-known. Cleive Ester Adams is also known as the father of Sonya Curry, a well-known American educator.

He is a citizen of the United States and is of African-American descent. Cleive Ester Adams is also a professional basketball player. His relatives have achieved notable success in a variety of sports.

Sonya Curry, Cleive Ester Adams’s daughter, rose to prominence in the 1980s after marrying NBA star Dell Curry. Individuals are more interested in learning about Sonya’s father, Cleive Ester Adam, which is a fascinating aspect.

In his youth, Ester Adams appeared to have been a businessman. However, little is known about his business because he has kept his personal life private.

Cleive Ester Adam: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents

Cleive Ester Adams was born in the United States of America to American parents. In the same way, he is an American citizen with African-American ancestry.

He hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life because he values his privacy.

Know About His Relationships

Family and children

Candy Ann Wyms and Cleive Ester Adam married in the 1960s. She, too, was born and raised in Haiti, making her a mixed-race person.

Candy Ann Wyms is her birth name as well. Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams met for the first time when Cleive Ester Adams was in his twenties.

The exact date and location of their wedding are still unknown. Likewise, the couple has been together since their wedding, with no indications of divorce or extramarital affairs.

Sonya stated that she and her two brothers were supported by their mother. As a result, it’s unclear whether the couple is together or not. However, there are rumors that they split up and went their separate ways.

They also have three children from their relationship: Cleive Adams Jr., Sonya Adams, and India Adams. He must also be proud of his children and grandchildren’s professional achievements at this time.

His daughter, Sonya Curry, is a well-known educator and university administrator. Aside from that, Sonya was a volleyball player at Radford High School.

She went on to Virginia Tech College after that, where she laid the foundation for her future career. As a result, Sonya Curry is the wife of NBA player Dell Curry.

Cleive’s son, Cleive Jr., is the head football coach at Averett University. Furthermore, his sporting career spans decades, providing him with a sizable salary over time.

India Adams, his younger sister, on the other hand, prefers to remain anonymous on social media. She rose to prominence as Sonya Adams Curry’s sister, despite her professional achievements.

Cleive Ester, on the other hand, has three grandchildren. Cleive is also well-known as the grandparents of famous grandchildren.

His eldest grandson, Stephen Curry, is a professional NBA player who has played for the Golden State Warriors since 2009. As a result, he has three NBA championships to his credit.

Cleive’s granddaughter, Sydel, is an Elon University volleyball player. Seth, Adam’s second grandchild, is also an NBA player who made his debut in 2013.

Cleive Ester Adam’s Professional Life

When Ester Adams was younger, he had to have been a businessman. However, there is little information available about the company he founded.

Rather than gaining public attention as a result of his work, he rose to prominence as a result of his children and grandchildren.

Net Worth and Salary

Cleive, as previously stated, is a private individual who avoids the media. Adams, according to Sonya Curry, struggled financially throughout his life.

He appeared to be struggling to provide for his family, including his children’s education. As a result, we have no idea what he has been doing for the past few years.

They lived in abject poverty and were subjected to racist treatment. As a result, estimating Cleive’s net worth and earnings is difficult.

Sonya, on the other hand, has a net worth of $6 million and earns over $100,000 annually. In Charlotte, North Carolina, she also founded a Montessori school.

Dell Curry, his son-in-law, has a staggering $130 million net worth. As a result, we are confident that he and his children are living a happy and luxurious life.

In addition, Stephen Curry, Cleive’s grandson, is a well-known basketball legend with a net worth of $90 million.

Controversy and Rumors

Cleive has never been involved in any debates. However, some of it comes from his daughter Sonya’s side.

The NBA conference finals pitted Sonya’s two sons against each other. As a result, she found it difficult to choose and support one of them.

Since they had to wear a jersey for either team, they flipped a coin to decide who would wear the Warriors and Blazers jerseys. Finally, Sonya was trolled for entering the venue wearing a Portland Trail Blazers jersey during the game.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Cleive is a person who prefers to keep things private and reserved, and he isn’t particularly active on social media. As a result, little is known about his social media account.

His children, grandchildren, and son-in-law have made him quite famous. As a result, he can only be seen in the media through their sources.

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