Read about Claire Fellows, Ainsley Harriott’s divorced wife. Why did they get divorced? Details here

Claire Fellows and her husband Ainsley Harriott had been together for almost 23 years before they divorced in 2012. Jimmy and Maddie, her two daughters, are her pride and joy.

She is also regarded as the younger sister of Graham Fellows, a well-known local comedian.

Fellow and Harriott divorced after 23 years of marriage

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Living a single life is tough, and its value grows in importance when you get older, as you will have no one to speak to but your partner. As a result, marriage is regarded as a necessary part of life.

They began dating in 1988 and married one year later, in 1989. In 1992, they gave birth to their first child, Jimmy Harriot. In 1995, the couple welcomed their second child, Maddie Harriot, into the world.

The family lived together in a $1.40 million mansion in South London.

Claire Fellows

The couple used to take their children to activities. When Ainsley was accused of having an affair in 2004, the relationship between husband and wife became complicated. Ainsley filed a lawsuit to get the allegations and the names of the women he was connected to removed from the public record.

All of their efforts were for naught, and the couple divorced in 2013 after a 23-year relationship.

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Ainsley Harriott’s Current Relationship Status

After his divorce from Claire, Ainsley has not been related to or speculated with any other woman. He just uses social media to share his cooking recipes. I’m hoping he’ll find the right wife soon.

Ainsley’s Sexual Orientation

There has been speculation about his sexual orientation, with some speculating that he is gay, which may explain his low-key approach to his love life. On social media, however, he confirmed that he is not gay.

Claire Fellows: A Short Bio

Following her marriage to Ainsley Harriot, Claire became well-known. She also has a job as a costume designer. She is presently 57 years old, having been born on July 5, 1961. She currently resides in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Ainsley enjoys posting videos about his professional life, but he keeps his personal life private.


Her ex-husband is a chef, television host, and entertainer from England. He is best known for hosting the BBC cooking shows Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook, and Ready Steady Cook. He worked as a commis chef at Verry’s restaurant in the West End after completing his apprenticeship.
In 2006, Ainsley made a guest appearance on the BBC radio comedy series ‘Giles Wemmbley Hogg Off,’ and in ‘The Rocky Horror Show,’ he played the part of Narrator. He is a huge Arsenal F.C. fan and supporter.

He now has a net worth of $4 million, which is projected to increase in the future. Jacqueline Harriott and Chester Harriott are his two siblings.

He has currently achieved a fine balance between his professional and personal lives and does not wish to enter the love zone.

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