Christian Keyes Wants a Wife with a Sense of Spirituality, Humor, and Drive

“I want a woman who will bring a table to sit next to my table,” he explained. In numerous of his interviews, Christian Keyes has discussed how he would like his perfect spouse to be throughout requirements. According to his words, beautiful appearance and a pleasant demeanor will not suffice to impress the American actor.

Keyes requires spirituality, drive, and a sense of humor in his partner or future bride. She must be brave, bold, and decent in order to be the ideal mother to his son and the children he hopes to adopt.

Dream Date and Ideal Partner

While speaking with Ray Cornelius, Keyes revealed his perfect date and the attributes he looks for in a woman. Keyes would begin with a bouquet of flowers and then go to a romantic supper. He’d then take his girlfriend to a concert, after which they’d go out for dessert before returning to his apartment.

When asked what kind of lady he would choose as his date, the Saints and Sinners actor listed the three key attributes he looks for in a woman: spirituality, drive, and a sense of humor.

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Christian Keyes Swimming
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Keyes expressed why he wants his mate to be focused and ambitious after a brief discussion on the value of spirituality. He wants her to be self-sufficient and believes that she will be OK without him. Keyes wants his partner to be the same way he is when he’s not working because he is such a playful person when he’s not working.

Wedding Plans

The actor from In Contempt appears to be single at the moment, although he hopes to marry one day. In a May 2018 interview with The Rolling Out, he talked about it.

When asked why he hadn’t married despite having a grown son, Keyes restated his desire for a wife, indicating that he was financially secure enough to marry and start a family. The Detroit native voiced his desire to have more children and to adopt at least one child, ideally with a supportive wife by his side.

Returning to the topic of the perfect relationship, Keyes stated that his wife would need to be well-dressed and capable of speaking up for herself. To sit next him, she’d have to bring her own table.

Christian Keyes Wants to Adopt a Child

Christian Keyes Jr. is Keyes’ son (born December 2002.) While he hasn’t revealed anything about Christian’s mother to yet, the two have a great bond.

For the actor, having just one son isn’t enough. He hopes to have additional children and to adopt at least one child.

Keyes was an adopted child himself. On July 24, 1975, the Ferris State graduate was born to interracial parents, an African-American father and an American-French mother.

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