Chris Evans: Saturn Tattoo Ties, Rumored Girlfriend Alba Baptista

Chris Evans’ case is being investigated by internet detectives.

Following recent rumors that Chris Evans was dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, best known for Netflix’s Warrior Nun, a new set of claims has emerged.

Netizens on Reddit and Twitter speculated that Evans might have gotten a new tattoo for his alleged girlfriend.

Evans dating Baptista speculation began in late January when fans noticed the actor at the Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, which also happened to be Baptista’s hometown.

Despite the lack of conclusive evidence that Evans was there to meet his new girlfriend, fans eagerly shipped them anyway.

Evans, Did You Get a Saturn Tattoo for Alba Baptista?

A source with the popular gossip site Deuxmoi recently informed them that Evans had gotten himself some new ink — a Saturn tattoo on his collar.
According to the source, Baptista currently has a Saturn emoji in her Instagram bio.

While this could have been a happy coincidence, the user noted that Evans was overheard talking to his brother Scott about getting a tattoo for his “significant other” while filming in Paris for his upcoming film.

“Connect the dots, babes, and do whatever you want with this information,” the anonymous source winked.

Following the tip, the gossip website asked its followers if Evans had a new tattoo. Of course, the followers showed up.

Chris Evans has had the Saturn tattoo for quite some time.

A fan informed Deuxmoi that the actor does, in fact, have a Saturn tattoo on his left collarbone. They even shared a screenshot of Evans wearing a black t-shirt and smiling at the camera.

Evans’ Saturn tattoo was only partially covered by the t-shirt, exposing half of his ink.

In contrast to rumors that the Captain America star got the tattoo recently, the user pointed out that it had been there since 2021. We did our own investigation, and it appears to be correct.

As of this writing, the actor has had the tattoo for at least four months.

According to reports, Evans once stated that Saturn was his favorite planet. So, all in all, the tattoo may not be related to Baptista after all.

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