Is Cherie Johnson married to Shawn Harrison? Here is all you need to know about Cherie!

Many of Cherie Johnson‘s fans were bewildered when she referred to her ‘Family Matters’ co-stars Darius McCrary and Shawn Harrison as her spouse in two separate Instagram postings.

Because Cherie Johnson is a single mother with a six-year-old daughter, she appears to be joking in those posts.

When she referred to Shawn as her husband and posted an anniversary photo with Darius, fans were perplexed.

Many people assumed Johnson was married to one of his co-stars. However, she does not appear to be in a relationship, thus the posts appear to be posted casually.

Shares a Close Bond With Darius McCrary And Shawn Harrison

The mystery surrounding Johnson’s relationship began on December 15, 2015, when she tweeted a 26th-anniversary message with McCrary.

“That day was written N the stars many moons ago & it is still FRESH,” McCrary commented in response. Happy anniversary, darling; I will always love you. Xoxo”. They were most likely alluding to their first meeting, which took place in 1990 when they began filming Family Matters.

Cherie Johnson Darius McCrary
Source” Twitter

In April 2020, Johnson made a similar mistake when she referred to McCrary as her husband on Cherie’s World Podcast. My spouse Darius McCrary is here today on Cherie’s World Podcast *Audio Only*, the title of the podcast episode, hinted that the two were married when, in fact, they were merely joking.

When Johnson wished Harrison a happy birthday in December 2020, she referred to him as her love, confidant, and husband. Many admirers believed she was married to Harrison this time as well, which was not the case.

Cherie Johnson is currently single, with neither McCrary nor Harrison in his life. These posts, on the other hand, suggest that the Family Affairs cast is close enough to jest about such things.

Johnson Fires Back At People For Constantly Asking About Her Ex To Her

Despite joking about being in a relationship with her Family Matters co-stars, Johnson has a different perspective on those who inquire about her former relationships. On her blog, she elaborated on her thoughts and stated that she did not consider anyone to be her ex.

If I didn’t marry them, I have no kids with them, no property, no business then they DON’T count! I’m 43, get real everyone I went to dinner with I’m supposed to claim? 

Has a Lovely Six-Year-Old Daughter

While the Family Matters actress may be irritated by questions about her previous relationships, she is quite open about her motherhood. In her blog, ‘Advice For My Sistas,’ she provides detailed accounts of her life as a mother to a six-year-old daughter.

‘Tales From Parenthood’ is a section of her blog dedicated to essays about her daughter and motherhood. She has published a variety of experiences there, ranging from her daughter’s pet fish with popeye disease to a list of books she plans to purchase for her daughter to read.

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