Checkout Wonwoo Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height and Weight

Wonwoo is a member of the K-pop group Seventeen and a singer and dancer. He’s also one of Seventeen’s best people, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can’t find an official Instagram account for him.

Wonwoo has undergone a remarkable transformation throughout his career as well. You can see how bulked up and swollen he is now, so keep reading if you want the Wonwoo workout routine and diet plan as well.

Diet Plan of Wonwoo

Wonwoo, like you, enjoys eating most of the time, so you’ll gain a slight advantage from your hard work now. He’ll eat pizza and other foods. However, because he dislikes seafood and eats it in moderation, the majority of his diet will consist of noodles, chicken, rice, and other carbohydrates. Let’s look at my version of a diet that you can follow:

The Wonwoo diet consists of the following foods:


  • Chicken sausage
  • Avocado toast
  • Eggs


  • A heavy protein-filled shake


  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • A small bowl of rice

Evening Snack

  • Soup


  • Steak or turkey
  • Veggies

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 6 ft
Weight 72 kg
Age 24 years
Chest 42 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 14.5 inch

Workout Routine for Wonwoo

Wonwoo is a well-known singer and dancer who is a member of the Seventeen group. Wonwoo also received some backlash from fans due to his bulked-up body and weight gain; as I previously stated, not all K-Pop fans adore bulky idols. Many fans, on the other hand, backed him up and said he now looks good.

Even I think Wonwoo looks better and healthier now than when he was so skinny that you could see all the bones in his arms, which were only 13 inches long. I’m glad he’s doing well and eating well now, because Wonwoo, like Mingyu, has become one of the group’s most visible members.

So, let’s talk about what he did and the workout routine he uses to achieve that physique. Wonwoo used to be all about the dance routine when he was young and skinny. It was always the choreography that kept Wonwoo lean, as it was already difficult and required hours of practice five to six days a week.

He keeps dancing, but I’m not sure what he added to get so bulked up. So, while I can’t tell you exactly what Wonwoo’s current routine is, I can give you a plan to follow if you want to look like Wonwoo. We’ll train for two to three hours six days a week; it’ll be similar to his co-member Mingyu’s regimen, as they’ve both developed physically similar bodies and enjoy eating.

The Wonwoo workout includes the following:


We’ll do a one- to two-hour dance workout, depending on how much you want to work out. It’ll help you burn a lot of calories while keeping your heart rate up, and it’ll be a lot of fun to do.

You can do another workout, but I recommend this one to burn calories more effectively and quickly. You can also enroll in any type of dance class; hip-hop is not required.

If you still don’t want to do this routine, try aerobics, gymnastics, cardio, or something else. All of these exercises will help you burn a lot of calories and achieve a lean and attractive body shape.

Routine for the Circuit

We’ll now do a circuit routine at least four to six times per week. I’ll show you a routine to tone your entire body; it’ll be a free-body workout, but feel free to add weights and a resistance band to take it to the next level.

Sets: 3

Reps: 20

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Pike push-ups
  • Dips
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Russian twist
  • Plank hold
  • Squats
  • Squat pulses
  • Squat jumps
  • Lunges

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