Rich Froning Jr. Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height and Weight

RICH FRONING JR DIET PLAN and RICH FRONING JR WORKOUT ROUTINE will be discussed today. Let’s get to know him first. Rich Froning Jr., an American CrossFit athlete, was born on July 21, 1987, and has a long list of accomplishments.

Rich Froning Jr. has always been interested in athletics, owing to the fact that his father is a wrestler who participates in a variety of sports. Froning also used to obtain scholarships for participating in numerous sports, including basketball, which was his favorite sport as a teenager.

In 2010, Rich Froning jr became interested in CrossFit and began competing and training in the sport. One of his proudest achievements was winning the “The Fittest Man” title in the cross-fit games. Rich Froning has also prepared a documentary for the occasion.

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Diet Plan

Froning Jr’s diet plan: Froning claims that while he didn’t always follow his diet, he never advised others to eat what he did.

Younger people are advised to eat clean and green and train their asses since that is how we build.

Froning also stated that because he has three children, his day-to-day meals aren’t as nutritional as he would want or as other cross fit sports participants consume. This is everything about the diet plan of Froning Jr.

Workout Routine for Froning Jr.

Rich Froning Jr’s training program is distinct from that of other CrossFit athletes. While some athletes believe that “less is more,” Froning works out numerous times per day, at least three but up to five.

Rich claims that if he does not go to the gym at least three times every day, he does not feel energized. In addition, unlike other cross fit competitors, he did not take a single day off from the gym.

Froning works out for just a half-hour at a time, but the workouts are extremely hard.

Starting Exercises

Froning takes some resistance bands and plates and spends a half-hour executing quality exercises like banded single-leg swings and single-leg deadlifts after warming up.

Workout-2: 4 rounds in total.

  • Cardio Row
  • Bike Erg
  • Ski Erg

Workout-3: 3 rounds in total.

  • Cardio for 1  min
  • 10 arm standing  presses repeatedly
  • 10  Deadlifts gripped
  • Plank for at least 1 min for beginners (for advanced 3 min)

Partner Workout-4:

  • 50 Handstand- hold muscle-up
  • 50 D-ball hold- Bench presses
  • 50 D-ball throws- Dead hang


  • Interval of 45 min
  • A Swimming exercise (2x per week)
  • Warm-up: 10x50m
  • Workout 4x250m
  • Post-workout: two rounds
  • 100 kicks
  • 6x25m swim. No breaks.

A CrossFit Afternoon exercise

  • 5 rounds
  • 30 GHB (glute-ham developer)
  • 50 double unders
  • 100-foot gymnastic exercise walk

A free Exercise 

  • Jogging 30 miles

An Evening exercise

  • 8×4 Snatch (225 lbs.) each two min.
  • 7×5 Power Clean (275 lbs.) each 1:45

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