Checkout Alexis Ren Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Who is Alexis Ren?

Alexis Ren is a 27-year-old American model, Internet celebrity, actress, and entrepreneur. She began her career in 2017 and is now an American model, Internet celebrity, actress, and entrepreneur.

Alexis Ren also starred in the comedy film ‘Deported’ in 2017. She has also collaborated with a number of brands, including Forever 21, and has her own activewear line, “Ren Active.” We focused on Alexis Ren’s workout routine and diet plan in this article. Let’s see what happens!

Body Measurements of Alexis Ren: Height and Weight

Height 5 feet 8 inches ( 1.74m approx..)
Weight 127 lbs (58 kg approx..)
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Body Measurements 35-23-35 inches
Body type Slim
Net Worth $ 3 million

Diet Plan for Alexis Ren

Alexis, like most people, does not believe in eating only three large meals per day and instead divides her meals and nutrition into six smaller meals.

On top of that, Alexis makes sure she drinks a minimum of a couple of liters of water each day. It’s not about the association, but it’s still about detoxing. The more you are able to flush out your system, the better your overall health will be.

Let’s look at the Alexis Ren diet plan in detail.

Foods Alexis Ren Completely ignores

  • NO bread.
  • NO fast food
  • NO alcohol.
  • NO beef
  • NO intake when 7 pm
  • NOT loads of sugar.
  • NO fruit when lunch

Food Alexis Ren likes to eat

  • Fruit. countless pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, and mango for endless smoothies and açaí bowls.
  • Vegan macromolecule powder
  • Banana frozen dessert. She calls it frozen dessert, whereas I decision it as I see it—bananas amalgamated with almond milk.
  • Salad (with lemon and pepper). At now, there aren’t enough salads within the world for that sort of body.
  • Veggie burgers (wrapped in lettuce with avocado).

Supplements that Alexis Ren used for Maintaining her health and beauty:-

  1. Collagen

Alexis takes collagen daily, and this side-effect free supplement is important for nourished skin and hair.

  1. Biotin

Biotin is additionally very important to strengthen your hair and nails, likewise as for rejuvenating your skin.

  1. Probiotic

Her lifestyle needs her to travel plenty, which will place a strain on the abdomen.

  1. digestive catalyst

Eating completely different foods than traditional can even disrupt your digestive system causing some bloating.

  1. vegetarian protein Powder

She has declared varied times that maintaining muscle mass will be a challenge once you’re getting to keep each gram of fat off your body.

Alexis Ren: Workout Routine

Alexis Ren works out at least five days a week, but most of the time she works out multiple times in one day, despite the fact that maintaining a supermodel’s body is difficult.

Finally, here is Alexis’ 10-minute workout routine for a supermodel body. Now, since everyone has a different body type, let’s see if this workout is right for you. Here’s everything you need to know about “Alexis Ren’s workout routine.”

lexis Ren Workout includes:-

Left side plank:

The balance on the left arm with the body straight.

Plank (again)

Hold an elbow plank with a dead straight body.

Plank twists

In a very plank position twist your body part and convey your hip towards the bottom.

Spider climbers

Just like mountain climbers however with knees moving out and aloof from your body


With knees bent raise your body halfway.

Knee bit crunches

With knees bent and hands-on thighs, raise up till your hands bit the knees.

Heel touches

Slightly raise your body and move from facet to facet till your hands touch your heels.

Bicycle crunches

Laying down move your legs in a very athletics motion while not touching the bottom.

Russian twists

With knees bent, raise your body half approach and twist from side to side.

Reach through crunches

Just like knee bit crunches, however, begin along with your hands on top of your body.

Legs to ceiling reaching crunches

Legs inform straight up, raise your body till you bit your toes.

Toe faucet leg lifts

Just like bicycle crunches, raise your legs off the bottom and alternate every toe touching the bottom.

Flutter kicks

Lay flat on the bottom and raise straight legs halfway, then alternate a kicking action.

Scissor kicks

Just like flutter kicks, however, cross your straight legs over one another.

Leg lifts

Begin with straight legs simply off the bottom, lifting them to the highest and back once more.

Leg up alternating toe crunch

Just like the leg to ceiling crunches, however, alternate mitt to the left foot and mitt to the correct foot.

Crunch kicks

Begin in a very seated position with knees bent, then raise feet off the bottom and stretch them out and back in once more.

Mountain climbers

From a plank position alternate, every knee propulsion it up to your chest.


Hold Associate in a Nursing elbow plank with a dead straight body.

Right facet plank

The balance on right arm with body straight.

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