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Charles Donald Fegert

Charles Donald Fegert sold for the Sun-Times and was the vice president of advertising and marketing for the Daily News. Charles Donald Fegert is best known for being Barbara Eden’s ex-husband.

Charles Donald Fegert: Married History

Charles Donald Fegert was married three times and divorced three times. First of all, no one knows anything about his first wife. After he split up with his first wife, he fell in love with Trish Althaus.

Trish was a model when she was in her early 20s. After dating for a few years, he married her at the North Shore Baptist Church in Kraft Chapel. The couple had two children, but in the 1970s, they also got a divorce.

Then, in 1974, he fell in love with Barbara Eden, an American actress, and singer who was well-known at the time. At the time, Barbara was also divorced from her first husband, the American actor Michael George Ansara. Barbara and he were together for three years before they got married on September 3, 1977.

Also, nothing has been said about the children they had together. After being married for 5 years, the couple split up in March 1982 and got a divorce in 1983.

After the end of his third marriage, he didn’t get married again. Before he died, he had two sons named Michael and Chip, a daughter named Lisa Fegert, and seven grandchildren.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Charles Donald Fegert
Gender: Male
Profession: Salesman
Country: USA
Marital Status: divorce
Married Date: September 3, 1977
Divorce (Three) Trish Althaus, Barbara Eden, and one other
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Place Chicago
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Education Loyola University
Kids (Four) Michael, Chip, and two others

Charles Donald Fegert: Bio, Age, Nationality

Charles Donald Fegert was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the year 1930. He hasn’t said when he was really born. So, we can’t find out his birth sign either. He did follow Christianity, though.

When it comes to his family, there isn’t much known about them. His dad used to work for a company that made steel. He hasn’t told anyone who his parents are or anything else about them. But he did grow up in a middle-class family on the South Side of Chicago.

Charles Donald Fegert: Height and Weight

There is no real information about how to make his body measurements better. But old pictures show that he was a tall man with a normal weight. He had blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Charles Donald Fegert: Education Details

Charles has done well in school and is a well-educated man. He went to high school in Chicago at South Shore High School. After that, he went to Loyola University in Chicago and got a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Death of Charles Donald Fegert

In 2002, Charles died peacefully while he was sleeping in Chicago. He died of old age at the age of 72.

Career and Professional Life

In terms of his job, he started out working in the mills and then joined the Coast Guard. But when he graduated in 1955, he went to work as a salesman for the Sun-Times. The company was very happy with how well he did in sales.

After a few years, in 1969, he got a job at the Daily News. At the time, Charles had already moved up from salesman to store advertising manager and from Sun-Times retail advertising manager to advertising manager.

After working for the Daily News for a few years, he was given the job of vice president of advertising and marketing. Even though he was only the vice president, people thought of him as a good president.

Charles was a person who lived in the real world. Even when he was vice president, he always helped his coworkers and people under him do their jobs instead of telling them what to do.

He was a sales manager and vice president, and he also helped with charity events. Also, the organization recognized his management skills in a number of different areas. In the same way, he used to sell things in different places, like oil wells, disco clubs, and restaurants, and he was always good at it.

Net Worth and Salary

Charles was a rich and successful person. Even though his net worth is unknown, he has definitely made a lot of money as the vice president of advertising for two large companies.

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