Chantel Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Chantel Riley rose to prominence in Hamburg, Germany, for her performance as Nala in the critically acclaimed musical The Lion King.

The actress had to learn the entire play as well as the songs in German for the musical. After successfully performing the show for a year, Chantel was offered the role of Nala on Broadway shortly after returning home to Toronto.

Race, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Frankie Drake Mysteries are among her other notable works. Chantel is also the co-founder of Riley&Rose, a clothing line inspired by her desire to encourage people to celebrate their freedom.

The actress has appeared live on numerous television shows, including Good Morning America, The Chew, and Home Shopping Network. Chantel is still working as an actress in the entertainment industry as of 2019.

Chantel Riley: Age, Nationality

Chantel Riley, who was born in Toronto, Canada in 1986, celebrates her birthday every year on June 27. The stage actress is Canadian-Jamaican by nationality and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.72 meters). She is the youngest of three children in the family, with two older brothers.

Chantel grew up as a dancer, beginning her dance training at the age of three and continuing until she was eighteen.

Her interest in dance began when her mother took her to a dance studio at a young age, where she was enthralled by the tap dance.

After seeing this, her mother allowed her to be in a class with mostly older students than her.

Chantel enjoys spending quality time with her parents and siblings. She admires her father for making significant sacrifices for the sake of the family, and she adores her mother for being supportive throughout her life’s journey.

Chantel Riley: Is She Married?

Surprisingly, the stunning actress has not been involved in any dating rumors. She may have had a boyfriend or secretly has one.

So, who knows? However, everyone should be aware that celebrities’ lives can be both high-profile and low-profile at the same time. And many people live that way while leaving the general public to make various assumptions.

And Chantel lives a similar life; while her professional life is openly exposed, her personal life is not.

Chantel Riley has not yet married, but she does mention her future husband in some of her Twitter posts.

Not only did she mention her fictitious husband, but she also mentioned her onscreen husband in some of her posts.

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As they jokingly address each other, the couple appears to be quite close. Tim Rozon is a Canadian actor born Timothy James Rozen. Chantel and Tim co-starred in the supernatural Western horror television series Wynonna Earp. The couple pretended to be husband and wife.

Though Chantel hasn’t married, her co-star is happily married to his wife. And hopefully, the actress will soon make her wedding plans public.

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