Chad Dukes says getting married to his wife was the best decision he has ever made in his life!

The talk show host Chad Dukes has kept his wife and personal life a well-guarded secret. On rare occasions, however, the RJ mentions his wife in his posts. Dukes stated in one of these posts that marrying his wife was the best move he had ever made.

Chad Dukes has kept his wife’s and their personal lives a closely guarded secret. On rare occasions, though, the RJ posts small details about his missus on his social media account. Dukes stated in one of his posts that marrying his wife was the best move he had made.

Chad Dukes’ Best Decision Ever

With a lovely Instagram photo on July 21, 2018, the RJ commemorated his sixth wedding anniversary. On either of the couple’s ring fingers, the post featured a set of large yet unique wedding bands.

While Dukes reflected in the captions about how he married the love of his life six years ago on that precise day in a small cottage in Fairfax with an alligator head on the front porch.

Chad Dukes Wife
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RJ, who is notorious for his secrecy, went on to say that following the ceremony, they drove to Blue Ridge Seafood to have lunch with their respective brothers.

To close the story, the ecstatic husband admitted that marrying his wife was the best decision he’d ever made. The pair married on July 21, 2012, according to this post, and the RJ has tagged their store, Commonwealth Dry Goods, in the photo.

Daisy, according to sources, is his wife’s name, and the couple has been dating since they were very young, according to one of his tweets, which has since been deleted.

Beginning Of ‘The Chad Dukes Show’

Dukes, who has been on the radio for almost 15 years and has millions of admirers throughout the world, has now chosen to launch his own website.

After being accused of uttering racist remarks, the RJ was fired from 106.7 The Fan in October 2020. There is currently no information available on the exact statement that resulted in Dukes’ firing. People on Twitter and Reddit, meanwhile, have speculated that Duke was fired because of his comments about racial-justice protests and how the NFL handled them.

The Chad Dukes Show
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Currently, the radio personality hosts The Chad Dukes Show, which is a radio podcast. The podcast, which debuted on January 1, 2021, covers a wide range of topics including movies, food, football, fighting, video games, and much more.

Dukes’ website offers a free weekly episode archive as well as a premium subscription option for $12.99 a month. His admirers can view his daily premium episodes through the premium subscription option.

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