Carson Daly’s Anti-Anxiety Medications Has Caused A Sudden Weight Gain!

Carson Daly understands how difficult it can be to battle with anxiety. He is now urging others to assist them in overcoming their difficulties.

Carson attributed his rapid weight gain to anti-anxiety medication.

In 2019, the TV personality opened out about his anxiety illness and how Carson Daly dealt with his worries, fears, and panic attacks. Anti-anxiety medication was one of the most effective treatments for him.

Weight gain, on the other hand, was one of the drugs’ negative effects. In April 2019, he stated on Twitter with the hashtag #AnxietySociety, “Fun fact: I assumed recent weight gain was a side effect from an anti-anxiety medicine I started.”

He also stated that the treatment made him feel calmer and happier, which improved his mood and enhanced his appetite. The tweet has since been taken down. In an April 2019 interview with Today, Daly expanded on his perspective. He realized that the weight increase was not a side effect of his therapy after speaking with his doctor about it.

According to the doctor, the weight gain could just be a result of him being “very pleased, genuinely happy.” Also, the fact that he was calmer and less jittery indicated that the drug was working.

The Voice coach couldn’t agree with his physician more. He claimed that he had discovered a new sense of contentment and a new perspective on life.

He also stated that he didn’t have to overthink micromanaging his life and that he could live it to the fullest. His followers, both those who suffer from anxiety and those who do not, were moved by his openness regarding two topics that are rarely spoken.

“Same thing occurred to me, I was on two anxiety/panic medications and gained 35 pounds pretty quickly, which was horrible until I realized I was happy…happy is much better than experiencing anxiety and panic on a regular basis.” “Thank you for being so open,” one supporter commented in response to his tweet.

“Thank you for speaking out,” another person tweeted. “You are not alone yourself.”

A third individual wrote,

@calanitatia @CarsonDaly @CalanitAtia I’m relieved to hear you’re feeling better. Anxiety is something I struggle with. It doesn’t matter if you gain weight or not!! Happiness is important!! I wish you a lot of good luck.

Carson is now assisting those who are suffering with anxiety and mental illness.

Daly, who had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for more than 20 years, joined in a 14-week cognitive therapy program to learn more about his mental illness and how to treat it.

Now, the father of four has partnered with Project Healthy Minds to help others suffering from mental illness. He described it as a fantastic non-profit with a broad network of people working together to help reduce the stigma of mental illness and offer people with access to treatments through technology in an interview with People in March 2021.

Carson Daly went on to say that anyone could locate a 7-Eleven and order a Slurpee in a matter of seconds using their phone. To help people find mental health care, the strategies must be applied in the same way. The technology is currently being developed by the team.

The California native knows that by sharing his personal experience, he would be able to help others. It disturbs him that someone can feel less than average if they are unclear about something about themselves that has to do with their mental health, according to him.

“Anxiety isn’t the only option. It might be depression, PTSD, or any number of other issues. He continued, “I want to grasp their hand and say, ‘It’s good to not be okay.”

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