Carmelo Anthony Son: The Whole Story

Carmelo Anthony Son

The NBA star’s son Kiyan was born in 2007 to his ex-wife, the well-known Hollywood actress Alani “La La” Vazquez.

Kiyan has been a public figure since an early age due to the fact that both of his parents are well-known figures in their respective areas. He has therefore consistently been the topic of conversation in the media and online.

He has received plaudits for both his athletic prowess and for successfully stepping into his NBA star father’s shoes as a true prodigy and heir.

Having watched Carmelo as a child, who has been a professional basketball player, Kiyan has a natural affinity for sports.

For his school’s basketball squad, Kiyan participates. It appears that he inherited his dads’ athletic prowess. He is competent at it.

To discover more about Carmelo Anthony’s son, his upbringing, family, and playing career, please read the entire article.

Let’s review a few quick facts about Kiyan now.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kiyan Carmelo Anthony
Date of Birth March 7, 2007
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Age 15 years old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Birth Place Denver, Colorado
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Religion Christianity
Mother’s Name Alani “La La” Vazquez
Father’s Name Carmelo Anthony
Education Lakeridge Junior highschoolThe Calhoun School
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch of Carmelo Anthony  Cards
Last Update August, 2022

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony Early Life, Family & Education

Kiyan was born to Carmelo Anthony and Alani Vazquez on March 7, 2007, in Denver, Colorado.

When he was born, his parents had just begun dating. After three years of his birth, his parents wed.

Kiyan had a natural aptitude for basketball from an early age because he is the son of the legendary basketball player Carmelo Anthony. Since elementary school, Kiyan has played basketball with his father.

The couple filed for divorce in 2021, during which time the teen rising star had been residing with his parents. The couple has made reasonable efforts to meet the child’s needs and provide the foundation for parenting while being divorced.

Kiyan has been residing in New York with his mother since the divorce. Later, he switched to The Calhoun School in New York from Lakeridge Junior High.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony: Age, Height & Weight

15 is Kiyan’s age.

Kiyan, who is only 15 years old, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, according to the information posted by his mother on her social media accounts.

The fact that Carmelo Anthony’s youngster would eventually reach his father’s extraordinary height of 6 feet 7 inches is not exactly shocking news.

In relation to his height, Kiyan weighs about 77 kg, which is good.

Kiyan has already established himself as a celebrity figure at such a young age because to his flawless jawline and strong physique.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony Father: Carmelo Anthony

NBA professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony represents the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA player has nearly 20 years of professional experience.

Carmelo has been the team’s main player for much of his career and is one of the NBA’s highest-paid athletes.

The NBA prospect was born on May 29, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. The youngest of his four siblings, he has four siblings in all.

Anthony had a difficult life because his father died when he was just two years old. His mother was the only provider for the family. She struggled greatly trying to raise four children on a tight budget.

The family had numerous difficulties and problems. Carmelo persevered despite having such difficult living circumstances and committed his life to basketball. He was able to realize his goal of becoming a professional basketball player as a result.

Anthony represented Syracuse University in college basketball. He was selected by the Denver Nuggets in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Carmelo Anthony has participated in the Olympic games for the US. The squad took home a bronze medal in 2004. His participation on the team helped the US win gold in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Carmelo Anthony: Net Worth

Anthony’s estimated net worth is $120 million. His sources of revenue are the contract agreements he signed with numerous clubs during his playing career. Additionally, he provided endorsements for other sportswear companies, including Nike and Panini.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony Mother: Alani “La La” Vazquez

An American television personality, novelist, businessperson, producer, and actress with the name of Alani. She is a well-known Hollywood actress.

Alani was conceived in Rochester, New York, on June 25, 1979. The television personality has a younger brother and two sisters.

Alani started out in her career as a young adult. Her radio career began at WHTA-FM, HOT 97.5 in Georgia, where she was employed.

In the early 2000s, she performed as an MTV VJ on Total Request Live. Alani quit the station in 2003 to work as the documentary’s producer on Mike Tyson. The documentary, which was exhibited at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, was well welcomed by the public and won the Regard Knockout Award.

Alani has made guest appearances on TV shows like Single Ladies and NYC 22. The stunning TV personality has also appeared in movies including You Got Served, Monster Island, and Urban Massacre.

In 2013, she also debuted her apparel line and cosmetics brand, establishing herself as a successful businesswoman.

Alani “La La” Vazquez: Net Worth

Around $30 million is thought to be Alani’s net worth.

Prior to getting married to Carmelo, she worked for MTV networks, adding to her wealth. Alani is a well-known TV personality, and the money from the show increases her wealth.

Since Alani started her company, the money coming in and going out increased her holdings. With the help of her profession and hard-earned money, she leads a nice life.

Carmelo Anthony and Alani “La La” Vazquez Relationship

In 2003, Carmelo and Alani began dating, and a year later they got engaged. Before they were married in 2010, they were engaged for six years.

The couple became parents in 2007 after three years of engagement. On July 10, 2010, in New York City, the couple got married three years after the birth of their kid.

Due to their intense love for one another, the power couple’s relationship was the talk of the town. But because nothing lasts forever, their marriage too had a predetermined course.

The couple split up in 2016, but they said nothing when the news spread widely. Around that time, there were whispers of Carmelo’s infidelity, but no sources could back up the claims.

Alani finally decided to file for divorce in June 2021. Carmelo’s connection with a different woman and fathering a daughter were the reasons behind the split. The couple did not formally address the reports, though.

Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Daughter

Genesis Harlo Anthony, who is said to be Carmelo Anthony’s child with Mia Angel Burks, was born. When Carmelo and Alani’s split became public knowledge in 2016, the gossip about an affair began to circulate.

On August 1, 2017, Mia and her purported father, Carmelo, gave birth to Genesis Harlo Anthony.

The paternity test, which Mia performed to establish the case and prove that Carmelo was the child’s father despite Carmelo’s denials, was successful.

Carmelo refused to acknowledge Genesis Harlo Anthony as his daughter despite the test. The youngster has only been under Mia’s care.

Information concerning the case and whether the claims have been resolved has not been confirmed.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony: Career

Similar to his father Carmelo, Kiyan plays basketball. His athletic prowess is frequently praised by the coaches.

He performs admirably while playing point guard for the club. Kiyan is considered to be one of the top 25 recruits in the Class of 2025 due to his abilities and strategies.

Kiyan was a Bryant Bulldogs player. He posted on his social media account on April 29, 2022, that George Mason University and Coach Kim English had made him an offer.

Kiyan has been a brand endorser in addition to his basketball career. The adolescent sensation made an appearance in a Carmelo Anthony advertisement for the Jordan shoe line in 2016.

The budding star has moreover made an appearance alongside his parents in La la’s Full Court Life on VH1. He has been in a lot of movies, including

  • 2008 Tyson
  • Amazing 2013
  • Basketball man 2007
  • Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 The legend of sweet pea 2015
  • Finally Orange: The official 2003
  • 2003 NCAA Championship
  • NBA Street series vol 4, Class of ’03 2006

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony: Net Worth

Kiyan reportedly has a $1 million net worth. He plays basketball and models.

The money he makes from playing basketball and modeling is his main source of income.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony: Girlfriend

Kiyan is currently unmarried. There haven’t been any recent developments regarding his relationship in the media.

He is a handsome teen who has been given talent and skills by his famous parents. He will therefore undoubtedly continue to draw attention as a rising celebrity as he gets older and attract romantic partners in the same way.

Kiyan is currently concentrating on basketball and has been playing with passion to fill his father’s shoes.

Social Media Presence

The NBA star father’s kid, Carmelo Anthony, is a budding celebrity who has already established a sizable fan base on his social media accounts.

He has verified accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

He has 428k Instagram followers and 1k+ Twitter followers as of June 2022.

On online sites, Kiyan frequently talks about his basketball games and his professional life. We can tell from the young star’s social media pages that he loves basketball dearly and puts a lot of effort into practicing and playing.

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