Everything You Need To Know About Carl Tharps – James Pickens Jr.’s Son!

Carl Tharps is the son of Grey’s Anatomy actor James Pickens Jr. He grew up in Los Angeles with his parents and sister, Gavyn Pickens. Growing up with his family, he may have had a wonderful upbringing.

Carl Tharps’ father, James Pickens Jr., is a well-known actor best known for his role as Richard Webber on Grey’s Anatomy.

He and his wife, Gina Taylor-Pickens, have been married since May 27, 1984, and they have a happy marriage. Their marriage has been continuing strong since then.

For the time being, let’s focus on Carl Tharps, James Pickens Jr.’s son, and his whereabouts.

Carl Tharps’ Early Years

Carl Tharps is known as James Pickens Jr.’s son, as previously stated. Carl Anthony Tharps was born on December 22, 1974. Carl is James’ stepson, according to IMDb. Other websites, however, claim that he is one of James and Gina’s two children. His parents, on the other hand, nurtured him with great love and care.

Carl has a sister, Gavyn Taylor, with whom he grew up and shared a wonderful childhood. Gavyn Pickens, Carl Tharps’ sister, is a YouTuber and a blogger.

Gavyn Tharps, Carl Tharps’ sister, has a YouTube channel called Gavyn Taylor, where she posts cosmetic tutorials and vlogs. She also has a website where she posts her blogs, as well as connections to various black-owned businesses and other resources.

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Is Also In The Entertainment Industry

Carl Tharps, James Pickens Jr.’s son, is in the showbiz profession as well. He attended North Hollywood High School and then Los Angeles Pierce College ASO, where he majored in Theater Studies after graduation. He’s pursuing a career in hip-hop. He’s also made a number of appearances on television.

Carl has appeared in a number of television shows, including Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, in which he co-starred with his long-time buddy Omar Gooding. He was also a former actor on the show Smart Guy.

Carl Tharps
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Carl has worked in a variety of industries in addition to show business. According to his Facebook page, he has worked as a collections agent for Southwest Credit Systems, a marketing sales supervisor for Triuniversal Marketing, a District sales manager for Pacific Monarch Resorts, and many other positions.

There Is A Daughter

Carl Tharps is the devoted father of Domonique Tharps. Carl Tharps’ baby mama’s identity has not yet been revealed. However, a quick look at Domonique’s Facebook page reveals that she has shared a photo with her mother. She is also enthusiastic in roller skating.

Carl and her daughter get along swimmingly. He and his baby mama lavished love and care on their daughter.

His father is a well-known actor.

Carl Tharps’ father, James Pickens Jr., is a well-known Hollywood actor. He has appeared in scores of films and television shows. He rose to notoriety after starring in the ABC medical program Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Richard Webber. He was able to earn enormous fame and money as a result of the job. For his work, James has received various honors and nominations.

Carl Tharps seemed to have a wonderful life with his family. He must be doing a fantastic job for himself. Nonetheless, we may expect to learn more about Carl Tharps, James Pickens Jr.’s son, in the future.

Meaning of a Name

Carl is a German name that translates to “manly.”

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