Cardi B Comes in Lizzo’s Defence By Slamming Haters After Her Emotional Breakdown

Lizzo is fighting back against the critics once again, but this time she has Cardi B on her side. Lizzo, who should have been enjoying the release of their new collaboration, ‘Rumors,’ broke down during an Instagram Live as she addressed her detractors.

While the body-positive artist has no trouble telling her detractors to “jump rocks” and has learned to ignore the negativity, Lizzo stated that it was more difficult certain days, and it was weighing her down this time.

She stated that she was always working hard and attempting to spread positivity through her music. She, on the other hand, felt as if she received more hate than affection.

The heartbroken singer also made an important point, stating that if people did not like her or her music, they could simply ignore her, but instead chose to trash her, which she found perplexing. She then expressed gratitude to her fans.

Lizzo- ‘Rumors’ Music Video ft Cardi B

With her video for “Rumors,” Lizzo ushered in a new era. This is Lizzo’s first official single since Cuz I Love You, her critically praised major label debut from 2019. Lizzo struts about ancient Greece in the video, directed by Tanu Muino, surrounded by iconic figurines, architecture, and ceramics. She stays true to the idea, dressed like an ancient Greek goddess in gold jewelry and a gold toga.

Lizzo Instagram Live
Source: Scary Mommy

Cardi B appears halfway through the video, dressed as a Goddess on her throne, with body jewelry, a custom gold breastplate, and gold clothes. The video concludes with Lizzo and Cardi B performing an elaborate dance routine in which they transform into a piece of ancient Greek art.

The video, which debuted on Aug. 13 and has already received over 9 million views, is a work of art.

How did Cardi B Support Her?

Cardi B came out swinging in Lizzo’s defense after her video was shared on social media. Cardi responded to Twitter to remark that their song was doing well and that critics should stop stating it was a disaster in order to “dismiss a woman’s emotions on bullying or behaving as if they need pity.”

She went on to say that calling her mammy and fat shaming were both cruel and racist. In a second tweet, she referred to the naysayers as “nerds looking at the popular table.” However, Cardi wasn’t the only celebrity that defended her. Singer Chloe Bailey tweeted that she was proud of Lizzo and that she was inspired by her. She reminded Lizzo that people talked about her because she had strength in her voice.

Missy Elliott, who collaborated with Lizzo on the song “Tempo,” sent her flowers and a card that said, “Once in a few decades, someone breaks the pattern.” And you happen to be one of them. Continue to shine and be blessed as you embark on your next adventure.’

Meanwhile, presenter and actor Jameela Jamil pointed out the absurdity of the situation, noting that Lizzo had just released a song about men tearing women down, but Twitter continued to mock her talent and beauty.

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