Canadian Actor Graham Wardle And His Married Life With Wife Alison – Here’s All You Need To Know!

Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle is best known for his portrayal of Ty Borden on the long-running CBC series Heartland.

Since the show’s inception in 2007, he has been a member of it. His nuanced portrayal of a caring husband, helming a relationship with his on-screen wife, Amy Fleming — played by fellow actress Amber Marshall — and two children, won him millions of followers.

Though his on-screen marriage drew a lot of attention, when he married his fiancée, Alison Wardle, in 2015, the details of his real-life wedding remained discreet.

While some of Graham’s admirers are curious as to who he is married to, the real question is:

Graham Wardle’s Wife: Is He Still Married?

Wardle and his wife, unfortunately, are no longer together. Three years after marrying, the couple split in 2018. However, the couple’s split was first revealed when the Heartland actor discussed his marriage on Facebook Live in early 2020.

Wardle was participating in a Q&A session in which he addressed the concerns of his fans on a variety of topics. Isabella, an internet user, was wondering how him and his wife were faring during the pandemic at the time. During the quarantine, she wondered if they went for walks on the beach or played with their pets.

“I’m going to be honest with you guys, and I’ve kept my life pretty private for a time now,” the 35-year-old said before revealing that he and his wife had divorced.

He went on to say that they had split up around two years before. Wardle stated after announcing the divorce that he preferred to keep his personal life private.

The talented actor clarified that his silence on social media was due to the split. He explained that he did so to “just offer some distance, and then just for the privacy” for them both. Wardle, Graham Wardle was frank about utilizing the quarantine period to focus on himself on Moving On, just moments after confirming his divorce. According to his stories, he began focused on his Time Has Come podcast, reading, and thinking about his future job ambitions.

And the pandemic’s social isolation had provided him a huge amount of time to focus on himself, move on from his divorce, and heal.

Wardle said the changes in his life over the last two years have been substantial, and he was pleased to be able to share them with his devoted fans during the session.

Wardle’s candid admission drew praise from his fans in the comments section. “Really sorry to hear the terrible news about your marriage,” one follower said, wishing him all the best in the future.

Another commenter thanked him for being brave enough to share his personal life with the public. “She remarked,” she said “You are a wonderful person who brightens our life. Take precautions.” One encouraging supporter said, “Sending love and prayers for health.”

Wardle’s tweets regarding Alisson are still available on Twitter, despite the fact that he has erased all photos of his ex-wife from his Instagram.

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