Know More About Busta Rhymes And Joanne Wood’s Son Trillian Wood-Smith!

Busta Rhymes is a rapper, musician, singer, record producer, and actor from the United States. His career gave him a lot of notoriety and popularity.

In his personal life, Busta Rhymes is the father of six children with his baby mamas. Trillian Wood-Smith, Busta Rhymes’ son with his baby mom, Joanne Wood, is one of them.

T’ziah Wood-Smith and T’Khi Wood-Smith are Trillian’s two brothers. Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly aka Mariah Smith, Cacie, and Miracle are his three half-sisters. Many people don’t know everything there is to know about Trillian. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Trillian Wood-Smith, Busta Rhymes’ son.


Trillian, according to Essence, headed to Lincoln University to finish his studies. His father was ecstatic for him and congratulated him on Instagram, writing, “Another young King of mine, off to start the next chapter.”

Trillian, on the other hand, appears to have secured his career in the music industry, according to study. He most likely followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music.

Trillian’s Instagram profile shows that he has released a number of things, one of which is his freestyle rap song “All I.” He must be thriving day by day to become one of the finest in the future, even if he has not yet reached the heights that his father has.

Trillian Wood-Smith Family
Source: eCelebrityMirror

Trillian is the founder of Popular Loner as well. It’s a New York-based fashion label that makes a decent living from its operations.

He also started Famo Ent., a company that organizes parties, events, and hosting, among other things. Perhaps these businesses are bringing in enough money for Busta Rhymes’ son to live comfortably.

Trillian, on the other hand, maybe concentrating on his music career, spending a lot of time in studios and creating new music. It’s no surprise that he could become one of the most brilliant rappers in the near future.

Busta Rhymes’ son has an opulent lifestyle.

Trillian, on the other hand, is living a life of luxury and extravagance. Busta Rhymes’ net worth is astronomically high.

We assume, based on his Instagram pictures, that he already has a blue Lamborghini that costs between $200,000 and $500,000.

Trillian Wood-Smith- Extravagant lifestyle

Trillian, dressed all in blue and driving a blue Lamborghini. originaltrillian/Instagram is the source of this image.
Trillian made the most of the life his father had provided for him.

But he could also be attempting to construct an empire that is entirely self-made. His parents are always there for him, ready to assist him in any situation. Trillian is likely to want to bask in the opulence and luxury that he now has.

Busta Rhymes
Source: Revolt TV

We can see that Busta Rhymes’ son had a beautiful and wonderful existence, and we now wish him the best of luck in his work and life. May he build the largest empire and platform possible, so that his family can be proud of him.

Trillian Wood-Smith – What Does Her Name Mean?

Trillian is a fictional character from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It has a pleasant trilly sound and can be found thanks to its affinity with Gillian/Jillian.

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