Brittney Noell – The Wife of Rapper Logic Has Given Details Regarding Their Wedding and Childbirth!

Brittney Noell is a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur who is best known for her marriage to rapper Logic. She was born and raised in Los Angeles.

A quick glance at her social media, particularly Instagram, reveals the incredible closeness Brittney Noell has with her husband. Her Instagram account has recently been updated to include photos of the couple’s newborn baby, Bobby.

And, because many of the couple’s admirers are curious about the circumstances of their wedding or the birth story of their baby, Noell has dedicated a few blogs to revealing such aspects.

“Many folks have inquired about my upcoming wedding! What kind of cake did we have, where did it come from, where did I get my outfit, did we hire a caterer, and so on “‘MY WEDDING DAY + HONEYMOON,’ she wrote on her blog.

The Wedding of Brittney Noell and Logic Was Extremely Private

Noell revealed on her blog that her September 2019 wedding to the Maryland-born rapper was extremely small, uncomplicated, and straightforward.

A small number of guests attended the wedding, which was place in the couple’s backyard. After the actual wedding ceremony, the two planned a delightful reception for their close friends. The blogger added that she and her spouse did not want to stress themselves out by doing too much. They only wanted to put their rings on and be called husband and wife.

The wedding cake was ordered from Susie Cakes, and the catering was handled by a friend of the couple who owns a catering business. She continued, “It largely consisted of finger snacks that you could consume on the fly.”

Noell donned a white net gown with a floral design for the ceremony, which was the first dress she tried on at the store. Logic, on the other hand, was dressed in a black suit with a plain white shirt.

The couple chartered a yacht and left for their honeymoon in Catalina a few days later. “We drank…ate some incredible cuisine, bathed in the ocean, toured around Catalina, and, of course, played a ton of chess,” she explained.

Noell later wrote on her blog that she and her husband didn’t reveal the specifics of their wedding because they both treasured their privacy and wanted to keep their relationship private.

Brittney Noell is enamored with her son’s birth story

Noell took to her blog in April 2021 to reveal the details of her son’s delivery, from when she first felt contractions to how she pushed for 20-30 minutes until her baby was born.

On February 5, 2020, she remembers experiencing mild contractions about lunchtime while assisting her husband with a project he had. They decided to take her to the hospital because she was in so much pain.

However, in an unusual turn of events, she also wanted to eat her favorite sushi before going to the hospital, so they rushed to the restaurant and then to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 3:00 p.m., I guess. I was checked in to see if I was indeed pregnant, which I was. They took me to the labor and delivery room and got us all settled because I was around 2cm dilated.

She gave birth to her baby boy about 2:30 a.m. on February 6 after hours of trying to push her baby out under the guidance of the doctor. When Noell saw her lovely baby, she said the pain of delivery was worth it.

Logic went to Instagram on February 5 to wish his kid a happy first birthday, posting a gorgeous photo of the little one.

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