Canadian Actor Brendan Penny Keeps His Wife And Kids Private!

Brendan Penny is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in Whistler and Motive, which earned him a Leo Award nomination. His on-screen interactions pale in comparison to his off-screen family’s affection.

Penny, a Canadian actor, has appeared in numerous Hallmark Channel films and television shows. His onscreen characters usually have a loving partner or wife, therefore most of his parts are romantic. What evidence do we have for this? Penny publicly discusses it on his social media pages.

The Hallmark actor, on the other hand, is quite private about his personal life. He has a sizable fan base for whom even the simplest post regarding his personal life is gratifying. So, how much do we know about his personal life? We do know that he is married with two gorgeous children. Continue reading to learn more!

Brendan Penny Does Not Disclose His Personal Life On Social Media

Penny and his wife live in Ottowa with their two children, a girl and a son. He married in 2010, but has never made a public announcement about it or shared any photos of his wife. He did, however, send her a beautiful tweet on their seventh anniversary.

When it comes to his children, they are both adorable and have appeared on their father’s Twitter account. Penny stated in a May 2015 Twitter post that he does not share images of his family, but he was obligated to share a photograph of his young son, who was smiling sweetly.

In another post, he expressed his gratitude for being able to spend every day with his adorable child.

Penny Does Not Hesitate To Post About His Onscreen Romance On His Instagram


Although the Canadian actor keeps his wife and children’s information private, he has no qualms about discussing his job, particularly his onscreen relationship. Penny, for example, flaunted his onscreen affair with Chesapeake Shores co-star Jessica Sipos on Instagram back in 2018.

It’s impossible to deny that the real-life pair had good on-screen chemistry as Kevin and Sarah. The romance between the two was a hit with Chesapeake Shores fans. Penny, too, praised his television lover, not just the fans. He uploaded a photo of them together with an apropos comment on the last day of their filming for the show’s last season.

The Family Recently Welcomed A New Member

Penny is happily married with two children. Furry buddies are unavoidable in a family with children. Griffin, the four-legged member of the family, is a great puppy. The family dog, a Shepard/Labrador cross, was brought from Mexico in April 2019.

Brendan just alerted his fans to a new addition of his family—a fluffy Kitten—in November 2020.

Brendan explained that the kitten had been abandoned in a box beside the petrol station and that he had decided to adopt it. This unplanned little surprise had to be a hit with his kids!

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