Bobby Maze Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Aside from his basketball career, Bobby Maze has established himself as a social contributor to the betterment of basketball’s future. The former Tennessee player has established a number of local AAU programs to provide more opportunities for basketball freshmen.

Bobby’s B MAZE ELITE AAU Basketball Club operates on a charitable basis. As a result, Bobby only serves and receives no compensation from the organization.

However, during his playing days, particularly at the University of Tennessee in the 2010-2011 season, his average salary was more than $3 million.

Thus, after all these years of hard work in the field of basketball, his net worth must be sparkling to this day.

Bobby Maze: Bio, Age, and Family

Bobby Maze, a basketball player from Washington, DC, is 32 years old. Bobby Moten, born on July 23, every year, celebrates his birthday.

Though the famous point guard star has not revealed much about his family history, his personal life has been made public.

Bobby stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and is well-known as a basketball player (1.92 meters). Though his current weight is unknown, he was said to weigh 200 pounds during his playing days in the past (91 kgs).

In his previous life, Bobby attended The Patterson School for high school.

Similarly, the man attended the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tennessee, where he played football. Bobby played at the University of Oklahoma from 2006 to 2007, and he was drafted by Tennessee in 2010.

Bobby Maze’s Wife and Daughter

Bobby was already a well-known basketball player when he began dating Atlanta fashion blogger Angela Stylez. His relationship with her didn’t last long because he dumped her while she was four months pregnant with his daughter.

Angela also accused Bobby of neglecting the child pay for their daughter years after the baby was born.

His followers, on the other hand, claimed the lady was a golddigger. Bobby quickly moved on from the scandals and began dating a singing superstar and a TV personality.

Despite his fame as a basketball player, Bobby rose to prominence in the media only after he began dating R&B singer K Michelle.

Bobby and K Michelle allegedly started dating in early 2014. After publicly confirming their relationship, the couple was frequently seen together at various events.

According to early reports of the My Life spin-off season, Bobby and K’s relationship lasted nearly two years before K broke up with Bobby for cheating on her.

Bobby, despite having a girlfriend, used to get closer and more intimate with other girls, according to K. K discovered that all of the jewelry Bobby gave her was a forgery.

Dating Bobby was a difficult period for the singer-songwriter. The lady was forced to abort her child because her boyfriend was never present when she was the sickest. As a result, K Michelle, the hopelessly romantic, ended up breaking up with Bobby.

Following her breakup with Bobby, K began dating her nearly two-decade-long friend Dr. Kastan Sims, a dentist.

According to February 2019 reports, despite previous rumors of their breakup, K Michelle and Dr. Sims were still in a relationship.

On the other hand, despite all of his relationships and controversies over the years, there have been no rumors of Bobby’s current association with any woman.

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