Bernie’s love and legacy are kept alive by Rhonda McCullough even after he has passed away! Has she ever been on the lookout for a new husband?

On August 9, 2008, the world suffered a tremendous loss in the comedy realm. That day’s loss was not merely one of the minor forfeits; it was the loss of a legend, Bernard McCollough, a.k.a. Bernie Mac. However, Bernie’s family felt it in the most terrible way possible!

Rhonda McCullough, Bernie’s widow, took the plaintive incident in stride and stood by the family even after her husband’s death. The woman’s dedication is admirable, as she preserved her husband’s love and legacy and continues to do so to this day.

The Day That Became History

Bernie Mac was a stand-up comedian, actor, and voice artist who earned prominence as a stand-up comedian. The Bernie Mac Show, which broadcast on 20th Television from November 14, 2001, through April 14, 2006, is one of the comedian’s most noteworthy works.

While his popularity grew over time, he struggled with pneumonia, which became more difficult in July 2008, when he was brought to a hospital.

He had also been afflicted for many years by sarcoidosis, a chronic immunological illness, and died on August 9, 2008, at the age of 50 from heart failure caused by a bout with pneumonia.

Rhonda found this incident difficult to accept, and she even accused Dr. Rene M. Earles of being the cause of her husband’s death.

As a result, she launched a lawsuit in which:

“Dr. Rene M. Earles, a dermatologist who regularly treated Mac for the skin lesions caused by his sarcoidosis, was negligent by failing to recognize signs of medical distress or get emergency attention when Mac came to his Chicago office on July 17, 2008, three weeks before his death.”

It continued as follows:

“Mac arrived at Earles’s office with a fever, fatigue and trouble breathing. During the nine hours Mac spent there, he had unstable vital signs, and both rapid heart rate and breathing, but Earles didn’t “recognize cardiopulmonary instability” or “abnormal vital signs and signs of impending respiratory failure” and failed to either call 911 or get the actor to an emergency room.”

Due to the doctor’s erroneous allegation, authorities took no immediate action against him. The doctor defended him in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Bernie’s was entirely devastating. Look, Bernie was my patient. Bernie was my friend. We became extremely close – we were like brothers.”

He also stated that he gave Mac oxygen and allowed him to rest for around four hours after he arrived at his clinic, before medicating him further. However, Mac’s widow later withdrew the case.

Rhonda McCullough married

Bernie Mac in 1977, three years after they met in high school. The pair enjoyed a happy marriage and produced a daughter, Je’Niece Childress, who was born in 1978 and celebrates her birthday on January 21.
The family-operated successfully until 2008, when Mac died, but Rhonda managed the family elegantly with the assistance of her daughter, friends, and other relatives.

With the family’s stability in place, Rhonda became active with The Bernie Mac Foundation, which Bernie founded a few years before his death.

Additionally, some sources indicate that she entered into a second marriage with Horce Gilmore, but she has yet to confirm the relationship.

She has since continued the foundation with her daughter in order to preserve her late husband’s legacy and has begun assisting those suffering from sarcoidosis.

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