Because of his Girlfriend, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Launched a Weight-loss Campaign. Also See: Married, Wife, and Son

Comedy has evolved into one of the most significant and effective tools of the modern-day. To make others forget about their troubles or difficulties and make them laugh out loud is, in a way, quite honorable.

However, just as you cannot satisfy someone else unless you first satisfy yourself, you can only make others laugh if you are in a positive condition of mind and body.

Health is riches, and even if you forget it from time to time, there are people and situations that will remind you of it. Gabriel Iglesias, a comedian who has taken it seriously to make the world laugh, was having major health difficulties a while back that was not making him laugh at all.

After his doctor informed him about the critical nature of his health and how it could easily become a cause of his death, the man shed 117 pounds and down to 320 pounds. So he changed his work and diet and began to do yoga, among other physical workouts, to reduce weight, and his new appearance appears to have confused, if not shocked, some of his supporters.

On Twitter, he was known as the “Fluffy guy,” and he also appeared in The Fluffy Movie and Magic Mike. Because of his enormous stature, his followers have given him nicknames such as Pikachu and Chippie.
In recent interviews with, he has revealed his dietary habits.

“Believe it or not, bread will take you down,I’m known for being the guy who eats chocolate cakes and stuff, so I stopped eating whole cakes.”

Not unexpectedly, others have begun to inquire about his ways of losing weight because theirs appear to be ineffective.
As of now, it appears that his riches is outweighing his weight, with a net worth of $30 million US dollars.

Is it due to his girlfriend or his son?

This was one of the most significant questions because, according to him, he wasn’t too concerned about his health. However, he has stated that his girlfriend Claudia Valdez took the initials. Claudia, who is also a foodie, used to go out to eat with Gabriel on a regular basis, but she has been very strict since his health began to fail.

Claudia, it is revealed, was the one who encouraged Gabriel to begin working out because she informed him that she preferred having him around rather than having him die. As a result, Gabriel began to exercise in order to spend the rest of his life with his fiancée and their son, who is the outcome of her former relationship.

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