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Autumn Calabrese managed to handle it all despite going through a difficult divorce and being a single mother with a tight schedule.

Her rigorous work schedule and the fact that she was raising her son alone did not deter her from achieving her objectives.

Autumn Calabrese, an American fitness instructor, is a multitalented personality. She has numerous titles on her bio, including national level bikini competitor, fitness trainer, and busy mom. Her YouTube account has over 210,000 subscribers, with over 300,000 views on her most popular video.

Here are some fun wiki facts about the celebrity fitness instructor, including her age, family, and husband.

Autumn Calabrese Bio: Considerable Success As A Fitness Trainer

Autumn Calabrese, 37, is a qualified personal trainer who is most known for designing the 21 Day Fix program. Autumn began her fitness adventure nearly a decade ago. She began focusing on her health and educating herself about holistic treatment after becoming tired of being exhausted all of the time.

She learnt how to overcome a variety of health conditions, including allergies, anxiety, and MTHFR, among others. Since then, she has maintained her fitness with a variety of workout routines. She has also worked for FOX 17 as a health specialist. She has also worked with a number of well-known companies, including Applegate and Seventh Generation.

In addition to these accomplishments, the 37-year-old fitness guru has won a number of bikini competitions. She had credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as the American Fitness Professionals and Associates when she published her healthy cookbook, FIXATE.

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Her rigorous training regimens have also been published in publications such as LA Parent, Daily Candy, and C Magazine, as well as television series such as Home & Family.

– Early Life

Autumn was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 23, 1980. Autumn’s personal life is like a closed book; she hasn’t revealed much about her early years, and information about her family is scarce. Calie, her older sister, is still her only known relative.

Calie’s Instagram bio reads, “I’m a wellness coach who helps women overcome fear and doubt to become their happiest selves.” Autumn, like her sister, is a fitness nut with a sizable online following. Autumn sent an emotional Instagram message addressed to Calie on National Sister’s Day on August 2, 2018, calling herself lucky to have her as a sister.

She had a strong desire to dance and began at the age of 14. According to wiki sites, she even studied dancing at a minor liberal arts school. Her dance career, however, came to a stop when she sustained a back injury as a teenager. She continued her education when her ballet career ended, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and then studying vegan and vegetarian cooking.

Calabrese is the Founder of the Famous “80 Days Obsession Workout Programme”

Autumn is also recognized for developing the 80 Day Obsession, an 80-day training plan for achieving a beach body that has a long list of success stories and is one of the most popular fitness programs in the United States.

Autumn Calabrese Poster
Source: Flex Master General

The one-year anniversary of the filming of 80 Day Obsession occurred on August 1st, 2018. She praised the program’s participants for striving to be the greatest version of themselves in an Instagram post.

Autumn Calabrese: Net Worth 2022/2023

Autumn makes a lot of money as a fitness trainer, therefore it’s reasonable to say she makes a lot of money. Furthermore, the huge success of her diet routines 21 Day Fix Diet and 80 Day Obessions has helped her increase her earnings.

Aside from that, she has collaborated with a number of periodicals and television shows, as well as many A-List celebrities and significant businesses, all of which have contributed to increase her net worth.

As of right now, no precise information about her net worth has been made public. However, there is no doubt that when the truth about her net worth is out, it will be in the millions.

Autumn Calabrese Beach
Source: Beach Ready Now

The Fitness Trainer Is Divorced

Autumn Calabrese was previously married. Her wedded life, however, did not end happily, as her career and marriage ended in divorce. Despite the fact that she has not divulged any details about her past marriage or ex spouse, she does share a son with him, Dominic.

Autumn claimed on her self-titled website that despite the divorce, her ex-husband and her lived less than a mile apart and that he made it a point to see Dominic every day. When her baby father decided to move to San Diego for employment, she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She also stated on her website that combining her schedules as a fitness trainer and a single mother was difficult for her. Not only that, but she also said that she had to employ a nanny to look after her son.

She, on the other hand, overcame her difficulties and is now a successful fitness trainer and a proud mother. On her social media pages, she frequently discusses her son Dominic and shares every little-big story about him.

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