Austin Amelio Is A Married Man Who Is Gay And Dating

Austin Amelio is an American actor who rose to notoriety as Dwight in AMC’s post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead.

Recognizing his abilities and popularity, AMC announced in 2019 that the Austin, Texas native would join the Fear the Walking Dead cast. As a result, he became the network’s only second crossover actor.

Is Austin’s off-screen character consistent with his on-screen persona? Continue reading to discover more about his personal life and net worth!

Height & Weight of Parents

Austin’s parents were from Austin, Texas, and he was born on 27th April 1988. Though little information about The Walking Dead actor’s upbringing and family history is available, it’s safe to presume he had a fairly typical childhood.
Austin has been a passionate skateboarder since his high school years and stands at a height of five feet and eleven inches at the age of thirty (180 cm). Meanwhile, he weighs a little over 165 pounds.

The Net Worth of Austin Amelio

Austin made his cinematic debut in 2010 as Vincent Lowe in the short film Potluck.

A year later, he directed The Devil’s Toy, a film about his hometown’s skateboarding scene. He secured endorsement partnerships with No Comply Skate Shop, Osiris, and Karl Watson’s Organica following its release.

Austin relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 to audition for the comedy film “Everybody Wants Some.” Within weeks of arriving in Hollywood, he landed the part of a lifetime in The Walking Dead.

Since then, nothing has remained the same for the 30-year-old actor, as evidenced by his multimillion-dollar net worth.

Is Austin Amelio a homosexual?

While his portrayal of Dwight earned widespread acclaim and fame, his character was not without controversy.

Due to his character’s developing “on-screen bromance” with Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus), fans began to suspect – and wish – that he was a secret gay.

To their dismay, The Walking Dead authors never addressed the homosexual interactions between his and Norman’s characters. And before they realized it, Austin had been fired from the show.

Are You Married To Your Wife Or Are You Dating?

Austin is a married man outside of his on-screen dating life. His wife – whose name is unknown – is his staunchest supporter.

Unsurprisingly, the Potluck star and his wife were married long before the former made his television debut. The fortunate couple most likely met in Austin’s hometown and began dating before marrying.

In 2014, the 30-year-old actor and his unidentified wife welcomed their first child. He became a vegan after becoming a father at his son’s suggestion. However, actress Christina Evangelista (Sherry) portrays Austin’s wife in The Walking Dead.

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