Arturo Castro Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Guatemalan actor Arturo Castro. According to his wiki, he was born in Guatemala in 1985. Every November 26th, he celebrates his birthday. In his family, he has three siblings: three sisters. He was raised by a single mother alongside his sisters. Arturo inherited the playful nature of women from his mother and grandmother.

Arturo Castro had not intended to pursue acting as a career. Well, he only took the acting class to impress his crush named ‘Paula’ at the age of 12. She was a theater fan, and Arturo was completely smitten by her. He gradually became more involved in the acting sessions, and he began to prefer acting to his crush. He knew then and there that he wanted to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Arturo Castro: Relationship Status?

At the age of 33, Arturo is still unmarried. However, when he posted a photo of a wedding ceremony in July 2018, people were confused as to whether he had married NYC-based photographer Sarah Prescott. He even captioned the photo, “Congratulations to us!”

However, the caption was just a joke from Arturo, who has a great sense of humor. His friend, Lesse, and his wife, Sarah, were married.

Aside from the jokes and funny posts, Arturo has a girlfriend. However, he has kept his relationship under wraps. Only that he has been with his girlfriend since 2013 is known. Furthermore, his girlfriend is French, and she has assisted Arturo in becoming acquainted with French culture.

Aside from that, he has not revealed any information about his girlfriend. Nonetheless, based on their long-term relationship, it appears that Arturo has already found a wife figure with whom to marry and start a family.

Net Worth and Salary

Arturo spent his adolescence performing at the theatre, having discovered what he truly desired in life. Finally, he was given the opportunity to host a televised fundraiser with international Latin pop idols. Following that, he established his television shows on Guatemala’s national network, Conexion.

Arturo then relocated to New York City in search of a better job. He’s done commercials and plays. While struggling to make ends meet, he discovered his hidden talents, which included teaching and producing.

With an average height, he made his acting debut in 2008 as Nestor in Looking for Palladin. Arturo finally got to appear in big movies like Narcos, Broad City, and Ghost Story Club after a string of small roles. His role as Jaime Castro in the hit comedy series Broad City was his big break. Arturo, in addition to acting, also produced a project called 2040.

Arturo achieved a desirable level of success as a comedian actor based on his education. He played a memorable character in Broad City, which put his name on the lips of many people. In terms of finances, he is well compensated, with an average salary of $50,000. As a result, he most likely enjoys his net worth in the millions.

Arturo Castro is constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone, broadening his horizons and experimenting with new roles. He chose to play a modern Latino in Comedy Central’s Alternatino this time. In its first season, the sketch comedy show dealt with sensitive issues such as the detention of immigrant children and the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Maria.

The show debuted on June 18, 2019. Based on the life experiences of a Latin American writer and actor, the show received widespread acclaim for addressing common misunderstandings and social concerns.

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