Are Joseline Hernandez And Balistic Beats Married? Here’s All We Know So Far!

Joseline Hernandez recently defended her longtime partner and “husband,” Balistic Beats.

After many people chastised Beats for participating on Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta reunion event, the Puerto Rican media personality was forced to do so. The audience mocked him for snitching on some of the other cast members and getting all heated up on stage. “Balistic shouldn’t have been on set of the reunion in the first place. He’s a full-fledged MAN. It’s unavoidable that the stage heats up. Joseline should have made arrangements for security to accompany her if Joseline Hernandez wanted it “a Twitter user remarked.

Following hundreds of similar online trolls, Hernandez urged that people stop criticizing her partner and praised their love.

But who is Balistic Beats, and what does he do?

Beats, whose actual name is Robin Ingouma, is a musician, music producer, reality TV star, and entrepreneur who is Hernandez’s lover. On his Instagram bio, he also claims to be a member of the Grammy Society.

A brief look at his social media accounts indicates that he is a regular performer at musical events in the Miami area. He has collaborated with singer Tamar Braxton and fellow producer Prince Charles, according to Atlanta Black Star. Beats, who is currently located in Miami, is a Philadelphia native. He frequently visits his mum in his hometown. He and Hernandez, for example, paid a visit to his mother on August 25, 2019.

Hernandez, who has over 4 million Instagram followers, used the platform to share a sweet moment from the visit, posting a candid photo of herself with her boyfriend and his mother.

Timeline of Hernandez and Beats’ Relationship

Hernandez and Beats have been dating since April 2019, according to Atlanta Black Star. On April 7 of that year, the reality star made their romance public by releasing an Instagram video. She kissed him in the video, and the message said, “He knows I love him.”

Later, he posted a photo of the 34-year-old on Instagram with the hashtags “#wcw #puertoricanprincess #shetreatmelikeaking #live #love” and “#wcw #puertoricanprincess #shetreatmelikeaking #live #love.”

Before confirming their relationship, the couple did not say how long they had been together. They have, however, been inseparable since the day they made their romance public. Even though they haven’t officially married, she has been referring to him as “husband.”

Hernandez and Beats, on the other hand, were engaged in April 2020. In the season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, the music producer got down on his knees.

Hernandez has a child.

Bonnie Bella, the reality TV star’s four-year-old daughter, graduated from Pre-K earlier this year. After a long on-again, off-again romance, Hernandez gave birth to her daughter with record producer Stevie J.

Hernandez was awarded full custody of her daughter after the divorce, and her ex-boyfriend is apparently not allowed to see Bella. Despite this, the composer frequently updates his social media with photos of his daughter.

Stevie J is married to American singer Faith Evans and has five other children with four different women.

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