Annie Leblanc | Fitness Training, Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight

Who is Annie Leblanc?

Annie Leblanc is a teen sensation who also happens to be a fantastic singer. When she appears in trending videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen her a lot. She’s released a number of songs and is currently performing a number of shows.

While Annie Leblanc is still in her adolescent years, she is very conscious of her appearance and strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at what she does to stay in shape after she shared a video of her workout routine.

Body Measurements of Annie Leblanc: Height and Weight

Annie Height 1.67 m
Annie Weight 50 kg
Annie Age 19 years
Chest 33 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

Annie Leblanc: Diet Plan

Because Annie Leblanc is only a teenager with a healthy metabolism, there isn’t much to say about her diet plan. In her diet, she focuses on three things in particular.


Leblanc likes to eat food with more protein and fewer fats. So food like chicken and seafood all that stuff.


She does take carbs but in Sufficient amount.


Annie Leblanc likes to drink water lit which is really important for anyone.

Annie Leblanc: Workout Routine

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine is a mixed workout routine that you can do at home with little difficulty. It’s mostly bodyweight exercises, with the exception of two or three that she does with a dumbbell but that you can do without it as well. So Annie does this routine three times a week, and when she’s really busy with shows, she only does it once.

Jumping jack

Annie Leblanc’s routine begins with 15 jumping jacks, followed by a brief rest and 15 more jumping jacks. So there are two sets of jumping jacks.


She stated that she dislikes planks, which I respect because if you dislike something and still do it, it makes me respect you. So she does a standard plank for about 1 minute.

Plank twist

Plank twists are similar to planks, but instead of staying still, you move your lower body, which means your hips move side to side while the rest of your body remains still. She twists 30 times, 15 on each side. The following is more information about Annie Leblanc’s workout routine.

Plank leg lift

It’s as if you’re in a plank position and lifting your legs one by one. She does about 30 in total, which equates to 15 on each side.

Side plank

Annie Leblanc despises it so much that she does a 30-second side plank on each side.

Hip raises

She does a total of 30 hip raises.

One leg hip raises

So it’s like hip raises, except instead of one leg going up in the air, she does 15 hip raises on each side.


Crunches are something she enjoys doing. She performs 20 crunches.


Leblanc rides a bicycle for about 30 seconds, attempting to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Leg Raise

She does 20 leg raises, making sure her feet do not touch the ground.

Squeeze the lemon

Annie Leblanc squeezes 20 lemons.


Burpees I wouldn’t say it’s her best or strongest aspect of her routine, but she does them very well. She performs 5 burpees in 2 sets, resting for a few seconds in between.

Skater jumps

Even I enjoy this exercise, and Annie Leblanc does around 20 of them in a single set of skater jumps.

Weighted squats by Annie Leblanc

Leblanc uses a dumbbell to perform front weighted squats. She completes about ten of them.

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