Aneska from ‘Dr. Phil’: What happened to her? Learn details about her and her social media activity!

Aneska is a 16-year-old girl who made her television debut on an episode of Dr. Phil. At the time of her appearance on the show, she was 12 years old. Although her last name was not revealed on the show, her full name is Aneska Lenardon.

What happened to Aneska from Dr. Phil?

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Melanie and Dave’s daughter, Aneska, live in constant fear of her family. Aneska had lost control of herself and had tried to kill her mother.

Aneska from 'Dr. Phil'
Source: Dr. Phil

With a knife, she choked her sister and chased her siblings. She also confronted the vice principal after stealing her mother’s credit card. In their garage, she had set fire to a doona.

Aneska’s attitude toward animals was also alarming. She killed a nest of baby birds by crushing each one to death with her bare hands when she was seven and bludgeoned the family’s pet hamster to death with a flashlight when she was six.

Melanie, her mother, said,

“Our 12-year-old daughter, Aneska, looks very cute and innocent, but she holds our family in a constant state of crisis. [She] is explosive, violent and aggressive. She lies, she steals and she doesn’t respect authority.”

“She had chipped a tooth, her face was swollen and she was bleeding. Aneska was taken to the hospital, and she had a quick examination by a doctor, and we were told to take her home. About a week later, we noticed a change in Aneska’s personality.”

Her parents had sent her to the adolescent rehab facility almost 20 times since medical treatments and drugs had had little impact on her. She said that violence gave her a sense of security.

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More about her problems

Aneska’s attitude shifted after she fell off her tricycle at the age of three, according to her parents. Someone had flipped a switch, according to her father, because his daughter was completely different.

Their struggle was not exaggerated for the cameras, according to someone from their hometown in Manitoba, Canada.

Similarly, one person said,

“[Melanie] is one heck of a mom and I pray she doesn’t get ridiculed for her attempt on getting help for her daughter.This family has been [through] enough, let’s support them in this journey and pray this beautiful little girl gets the help she desperately needs,”

Her MRI was examined by Dr. Bradley Jabour, CEO and Chief of Neuroradiology at Smart Brain and Health.

He speculated that she may be suffering from bipolar disorder or a severe sensory dysregulation disorder. It’s a disorder in which the brain has difficulty processing and reacting to input from the senses.

Where is Aneska from Dr. Phil now?

Since coming to Dr. Phil, Aneska has made significant progress in overcoming her previously troubling tendencies. Her mother shared a photo of her on Facebook in June 2017 with her family members.

Her image was posted to a Facebook account with her name on August 29, 2020. In addition, she will graduate from high school in 2021. Lenardon has been tight-lipped about her current condition.

Aneska Lenardon’s social media

Aneska’s Instagram account has 168 followers. Her bio also reads,

“Yes I was on tv, no I don’t want help. This is my real account.”

On her account, she has only two messages. Her most recent Instagram update was on September 7th, 2018. She hasn’t posted anything since then. Similarly, she has 3k followers on Twitter, which she joined in September 2018. Lenardon has a lot of tweets on her Twitter account.

Aneska from 'Dr. Phil' Now
Source: Distractify

She has a Facebook account as well. She joined Facebook in March of this year. Her first photo was posted in October 2019, and her most recent photo was uploaded on August 30, 2020. Similarly, her account is private, and little is known about her.

After her appearance on Dr. Phil’s show, Aneska has remained largely unnoticed by the media.

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