Amid Child Abuse Claims, Piper Rockelle’s YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetized!

Piper Rockelle and her mother, Tiffany Smith, have been in a lot of trouble lately. Rockelle’s YouTube channel was just demonetized indefinitely due to allegations of abuse against Smith.

On February 10, 2022, YouTube demonetized Rockelle’s channel indefinitely and removed it from their Partner Program after Insider petitioned the video-sharing platform with a series of claims against Rockelle’s mother.

After Rockelle’s Piper Squad filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County last month, this action was taken.

The YouTube Channel of Piper Rockell has been demonetized

Rockelle has been withdrawn from YouTube’s Partner Program, according to a YouTube spokesman. They’ve also put a stop to revenue on her channel indefinitely. They were sanctioned for violating their Creator Responsibility Policy by engaging in off-platform activities that were harmful to the user community.

The message went on to say that their acts were motivated by Piper’s mother’s abuse and exploitation. Smith is involved in her daughter’s business and is in charge of the channel’s finances. Demonetization of a channel means that the creator can no longer earn money by running advertisements on their videos.

Copyright infringement, misrepresentation, sexual content, and unethical behavior, to name a few, are the most common reasons for a channel’s demonetization.

Piper Rockelle’s mother is being sued

Since its inception in late 2016, Rockelle’s channel has amassed over 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views. The YouTuber is known for filming vlogs and prank films with other members of the Piper Squad.

The aforementioned squad is a YouTube group of teen filmmakers and entertainment creators. Smith, like Rockelle, was in charge of the squad’s management. Rockelle, on the other hand, has been the subject of many YouTube sleuths for years. They’ve claimed and talked about how she needs to be rescued from the grownups in her life for a long time.

They have cited the mature tone of some of her work as an indication that she is being used for political purposes. Last August, singer and songwriter Pink chastised Rockelle’s parents, particularly her mother, on Twitter, alleging that the youngster was being exploited.

She emphasized that posing an underage girl in a swimsuit for an Instagram post is abuse. Former members of Rockelle’s Piper Squad made the most recent allegations, which are the subject of this discussion. Smith and her partner, Hunter Hill, have been accused of exploitation and cruelty.

Smith has been accused of repeatedly stroking a young girl’s exposed thighs and motioning it toward her private area, which is considered obscene. She is also described as attempting to pinch the breasts of another little girl and commenting on their size.

More than a week after the lawsuit was filed in January, Rockelle released a video titled “Saying Goodbye To My Mom” to her YouTube page. Smith said she was leaving to care for her family in Georgia in the video.

At the time of writing, neither Rockelle nor her mother had commented on the demonetization of their channel or the pending cases.

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