Amber Rose’s Cheating Alleged Boyfriend Alexander Edwards Shares Adorable Pictures of Son During Controversy

Amber Rose leveled stinging accusations of adultery at Alexander Edwards, her lover. Edwards is accused of having twelve different women cheat on the SlutWalk founder. While these allegations were making waves across the world, AE used his Instagram stories to flaunt off his father-son bonding moments with their son, Slash Electric.

Rose hinted at a breakup

Rose was careful not to name any of the people involved in the case, claiming that she was “not in the business of wrecking lives.” In light of his cheating, she did, however, hint that the relationship was finished. She remarked that she couldn’t possibly be the only one battling for her family, and she went on to say,

I’ve been so honest and loyal, but I haven’t received the same amount of energy in return. Regarding him, his lack of loyalty and disdain are ridiculous, and I’m done with him. It’s worth noting that she didn’t mention Edwards by name; yet, at this point, it’s nearly common knowledge that the two have been dating for the past three years.

Amber Rose has accused her boyfriend of being unfaithful to her

Rose claimed Edwards had been cheating on her and that she was tired of being embarrassed behind the scenes in a post on her Instagram stories.

She also said that Edwards had at least twelve mistresses, if not more. She penned,

You can have him all 12 of you bums (at least the ones I know about; there are probably more).

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She called them all out for sleeping with her lover despite the fact that he was married and had a child. She admitted that none of those women owed her anything and implied that she didn’t bear a grudge against them. They have a 22-month-old kid together.

Alexander Edwards seems unconcerned about the allegations

The Universal Music Group executive has yet to respond to the allegations. However, based on his Instagram activity, he appeared unconcerned about the allegations.

His recent Instagram stories, on the other hand, showed him spending quality time with his young kid. Edwards uploaded gorgeous photos of his son just hours after the Last Kings Records musician made her news in her tales. Edwards shared a photo of tiny Slash wearing a backwards turned New York City cap and smiling at the camera. The toddler appeared to be content with just his diapers and cap on.

alexander edwards
Source: People

A video of the father-son combo playing on the bed was shown after the photo. As Slash was attempting to get to the pacifier before his father, the music executive tossed it around. The video was full with laughs, and both the father and son appeared to be having a fantastic time.

However, the video finished on a brighter note. After a long struggle to keep up with his father, the toddler eventually got his paws on the pacifier and proudly displayed his achievement.

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