Amber Heard Thanks Fans Through Social Media For Support During Depp Controversy

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been embroiled in a years-long legal dispute over multiple litigation since May 2016, the year the actress filed for divorce — She’s been through a lot, but she never forgets to thank her fans in the midst of it all.

Heard recently used social media to thank her fans around the world for their unwavering support by displaying numerous posters created by them. On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself posing with a poster that read, “We Are With You Amber Heard.”

Another poster read, “You Are Our Real Life Superhero,” while another said, “I Just Want To Read Books And Smash The Patriarchy.”

She wrote a sweet note for her adoring fans alongside the photos, saying, “I’m with you too.” Thank you for your unwavering support from all corners of the globe. “I notice you.”

Heard Still Receives Hate on Social Media

Following her victory in a legal fight against her ex-husband in the United Kingdom, the 34-year-old actress has been bombarded with online bullying. Since a judge ruled that Depp was abusive during their relationship, Depp’s fans have been targeting Heard. They’ve sent Heard a barrage of messages expressing their desire for her death.


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Some of the ruthless trolls also targeted Heard’s late mother, Paige Parsons, saying, “If your mother could see what you do, she’d be happy to die.”

And after Heard won another win when the court dismissed Depp’s request to revoke the court’s decision, the situation remained unchanged. She continued to receive criticism from internet users, but by time she had had enough of the online harassment and mocked the haters.

Impact On Career

Following his defeat in court against The Sun newspaper, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was fired from his role as ‘Grindelwald’ in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’. Fans of the actor were outraged, and an online petition was launched to have actress ‘Seen’ removed from ‘Aquaman 2’.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp
Source: The Guardian

The petition’s organizers claimed that Heard, like Depp, should be handled fairly and requested that she be removed from her big-budget franchise. In Aquaman 2, Heard portrays Mera. The petition has earned over 1.8 million signatures as of this writing.

This fueled rumors that Heard had been fired from Aquaman 2. However, they were quickly shut down after an Entertainment Weekly article. As she spoke out against Depp, Heard confessed that she was dropped by corporations and lost her job.

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In reality, just a few days ago, the actress posted a picture of herself practicing for Aquaman 2 on Instagram. It appears that the petition would be in vain.

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