Amanda Scarborough Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Amanda Scarborough is a softball analyst for ESPN and a former softball player from the United States.

Her athletic career began when she enrolled at Texas A&M University. She first came to prominence as a decorated pitcher for Texas A&M during her freshman year. Amanda’s playing career has taken some twists and turns since then, and by the end of her freshman year, she was working as an assistant coach.

She coaches softball players and even gives them motivational speeches. Despite her career’s ups and downs, Amanda never gives up, and her personality keeps her going. In terms of net worth, Amanda must earn a good living from her profession.

Relationship Status: Single?

Amanda has a boyfriend and is having a good time dating. She travels and vacations in beautiful locations with her boyfriend, Donny. Donny is a Hutto farmer.

Amanda’s Christmas Eve couldn’t have been more memorable on December 25, 2018, as she got engaged to her boyfriend. Although Amanda appears to be enjoying her love life, she has yet to confirm a date for her wedding and marriage.

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Amanda Scarborough: Biography, Age

Amanda Scarborough was born in Houston, Texas on May 10, 1986. Amanda, who is of American descent, is of white ethnicity. She is 33 years old and stands 5 feet 5 inches (1.67 meters) tall with a fit and balanced weight.

When it comes to her family, her parents are Mark and Sally Scarborough. Amanda’s father signed her up for softball when she was five years old. Since then, her birthday and Christmas gifts have always been softball-related.

Her father also volunteered her to pitch when she was eight years old because her team needed a pitcher. She describes it as a life-altering decision.

Amanda chose softball over volleyball after high school and started as a varsity freshman. She was a member of several teams outside of high school. That’s when college coaches and scouts became aware of her abilities, and she began to receive numerous offers.

Soon after, her dream of joining the Texas A&M team came true when she was offered a scholarship in her junior year.

However, she encountered some difficulties along the way. She wanted to quit because she was either inconsistent or not the best player. She continued on her journey, however, thanks to her supportive family.

Amanda’s life took a difficult turn during her senior year of college. Her doctor advised her that she needed immediate surgery because she had a Lisfranc fracture in her right foot and her big toe on her left foot had become detached due to ligament damage.

Amanda’s life was forever altered as a result, and her career as a professional player came to an end. Her love for softball, however, did not fade as she began her career as a coach, training, motivating, and guiding her team to success.