Amanda Perez Became A Lesbian After Being Stranded By Her Ex-boyfriend – What Happened? Is She Currently Dating Someone?

The heart is predisposed to understand only the language of love, and when love exists, there is no going back due to prior pain.

Amanda Perez, a Mexican-American R&B singer-songwriter and producer, too had a complicated relationship with her lover.

She went on, and it seemed as though she found love elsewhere. Is she now a lesbian as a result of the incident? Who is she having an affair with? Let us ascertain.

Amanda’s Horrible And Tragedy-Inspiring Love Life:

Amanda Nicole Perez, well known for her albums Angel, I Pray, and The Hand of Fate did not have an easy childhood. Her victory was fought for.

From a difficult upbringing in which she was forced to sell drugs to support herself and her family to an unhappy love affair with her lover, Amanda made her way to success on her own. This was aided by the hardship she encountered at the start of her career.

Amanda’s singles were inspired by her life experiences. After her lover departed, she penned the song “I pray.” The song was dedicated to her beloved Cousin Mike, who died at the age of 31 of heart failure.

Amanda has made no mention of her boyfriend’s identity, and there is no information on how it all began. However, in an interview with USAToday, she discussed how difficult it was for her to conceal her affections for her partner, whom she was unable to convert into her spouse.

“It was hard for me to tell my friends and family how I was feeling because they didn’t like him anyway. So I just kept asking God to send me an angel to take away all my pain. And then I was finally able to let it go.”

When we read what she said, we can imagine how devastated she must have felt at the time.

Who induced Amanda to fall in love once more?

After experiencing heartbreak, most individuals do not seek out love, but Amanda seemed to have battled for it and rediscovered it.

Amanda was supposedly discovered to be in love with a stunning young lady, earning her the lesbian/gay label. Amanda has not kept her love a secret, as she frequently discusses it on social media. Amanda’s Facebook post with the description “Wifey Ana.”

Amanda’s admirers also shared a photo of her and Ana on Twitter, in which they are seen locking lips:

Additionally, Amanda expressed her joy about the legalization of gay marriage in Indiana via Twitter.

In light of the previous tweet, we might surmise that she may end up marrying her partner Anna, given her enthusiasm for lesbian marriage becoming legal.

With Amanda openly professing her love for her girl, there is no doubt that they are both happy together.

We can only hope that the couple ends up exchanging vows in the coming days.

Despite a traumatic childhood, Amanda worked her way back to the top of her life. Her skill was discovered in Fort Waynee, Indiana, by a talent scout and she was signed to an independent record label.

Amanda’s debut single ‘Never’ debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot Sales chart, while her most successful hit to date is “ANGELS,” which peaked at No. 20 on the same chart and No. 3 on Top 40 Radio.

Amanda has made significant strides in her work, but she has yet to disclose her actual net worth.

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