All You Need To Know About Zoe Gara – Bryce Hall’s New Girlfriend!

Bryce Hall debuted his new girlfriend Zoe Gara in his most recent YouTube video, ‘My Date Went Horrible,’ which was released on January 28, 2022.

Hall began the ten-minute, 42-second film by hawking a vegan beverage. However, the footage then seamlessly turned into a dating video.

Josh Richards, a buddy and actor, and JRod, his videographer, accompanied the content creator on his date.

Hall mentioned he was waiting for someone he met earlier in Hawaii around two minutes into the recording, referring to Gara.

The influencer revealed that he was going on a date with his girlfriend, whom he referred to as “a lovely specimen” before revealing that she was the reason he traveled to Hawaii.

He seemed to expose Gara’s ethnicity by claiming he had always admired Australians and was “very drawn” to their accent.

“Nice meeting you here in L.A., you Australian,” Hall said after finally meeting his girlfriend.

The couple was scheduled to go on a restaurant date at first. After Richards allegedly botched up their outing, Hall chose to visit his friend Nate.

While standing in front of a pool, he assured his audience, “This is going to be the dating space.”

Zoe Gara, Bryce Hall’s new girlfriend. Hall went on to add that he took Gara to his friend’s well-equipped residence because he didn’t have such accommodations at his own.

He said, “I went her out to flex on her,” joking that the land wasn’t his.

They were later seen enjoying a warm fire on a balcony with a nighttime view of Los Angeles in the background.

Richards, who had been Hall’s chauffeur all day, had asked to be their meal server. The duo agreed to play a game in which they peered into each other’s DMs after sharing three different nibbles brought by Richards.

“In months, I haven’t DMed a female. You were the very first person I slid into “Hall told Gara, who said she became aware of him after he made a comment on one of her photos.

Gara slid into his DM first, not the other way around, he later said. Hall joked that he was in love with Gara, but that the scenario was awkward because it was being filmed. After discussing a few messages from each other’s inboxes, the video stopped.

Hall was seen clutching his new girlfriend’s hands as the two strolled through Los Angeles a few days later, on January 31, 2022.

Zoe Gara: Who Is She?

While Hall referred to Gara as an Australian on several occasions in his film, a peek at her official Instagram page reveals that she grew up in Australia but is of Greek descent.

Harvick Talent, a model management firm, represents Hall’s new girlfriend, who is an aspiring model. As of this writing, she has 632,000 followers on her Instagram page.

Gara is a karate enthusiast who has won numerous regional and national contests. During a Q&A, a fan questioned if she had ever utilized her karate abilities in real life, and the model replied that she has “thankfully” never used them for self-defense.

But mentally, I utilize it every single day,” she continued, describing how martial arts shape people by instilling important life skills.

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