All You Need To Know About Trevor Noah’s Complicated Relationship With Parents And His Own Dating Status!

Nobody wants to leave their significant another behind to follow a lifelong dream. That being said, in the event of such happenings, the dreamer is placed in a perilous position, having to choose between the love of his/her life and his/her actual purpose, all while expecting to find love again.

Trevor Noah, the late-night talk show presenter and outspoken supporter of homosexual rights, found himself in a similar situation when The Daily Show appointed him Jon Stewart’s successor in 2018. Trevor’s decision to travel to New York or stay in South Africa with his then-girlfriend was not as difficult as many romantics would have you believe.

Three years later, a nagging issue about Trevor’s prior life in South Africa has begun to surface: does Trevor regret ever leaving his sweetheart behind? Or else why would he date a girl who looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend?

From the outside, Trevor might easily have inherited the Noah family curse, which afflicted both of his parents’ relationships, from his father and mother.

Relationship with Parents Is Complicated; Abusive Step-Father & Protective Step-Mom

There is such a thing as a generational curse, contrary to common opinion. The 34-year-old South African is a living example of this.

Trevor was born and reared in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 20, 1984, as the result of his parents’ bi-racial relationship. His father, Noah, is of Swedish/German origin, whilst his mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo, is of the Xhosa people, a South African ethnic group.
His parents’ relationship would be shaped by the events surrounding his birth. Given how the then-apartheid South African population avoided inter-racial partnerships, it’s little surprise his parents couldn’t marry.

Trevor’s mother, for her part, tried everything she could to shield him from the persecution he was bound to suffer as a result of his bi-racial nature. In his book, Born A Crime, which describes how he was born unlawfully, he recalls the tremendous steps his mother took to safeguard his father’s integrity. He writes,

“My father isn’t on my birth certificate. Officially‚ he’s never been my father.”

Nothing, however, exemplifies his father’s anxiety of being criticized for fathering a bi-racial child more than the following paragraph from the aforementioned book:

“My mother tells me that once‚ when I was a toddler‚ my dad tried to go with us. We were in the park‚ he was walking a good bit away from us‚ and I ran after him‚ screaming‚ “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” People started looking. He panicked and ran away.”

The father-son duo has buried the hatchet over time. Despite never seeing him play live, Trevor maintains that his father has always kept a close eye on his career.

Between searching for his father and eventually reuniting with him, The Daily Show host found the loss of a father figure in his life to be terrible. When his mother married an abusive man, it didn’t assist his cause.

His stepfather and mother split after their relationship had run its course. Such is Trevor’s ancestry, which has shaped him into the kind of lover he is now.

Look-Alike Girlfriends: Does Trevor Noah Have A Dating Personality?

Isn’t it true that an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree?

Trevor and his mother both had to leave their loved ones behind, albeit for different reasons. While his mother was rejected by apartheid society, he faced a similar challenge when deciding whether to stay with his then-girlfriend or follow his calling by moving to New York.

He, like his mother, did not second-guess his decision and left for the United States to become the new host of The Daily Show, where he is frequently seen espousing his progressive ideas, including the legalization of homosexual marriage. Dani Gabriel, Trevor’s ex-girlfriend, appeared to be the most pleased with his decision.

When asked about Trevor’s newfound international popularity and the help he would need from his country, the Cape Town-based physiotherapist was candid. She stated to the Daily Mail:

“Yes, he’s going through this huge transition, but at the end of the day he’s not a celebrity to me, and he’s never treated himself like that, and I don’t treat him like that.”

Trevor, who is 5 feet 11 inches (181 cm) tall, and Dani dated for almost a year before Trevor’s career-defining departure to the United States in 2015.

Today, the 34-year-old is dating Jordyn Taylor, whom he met at one of his performances. Surprisingly, Jordyn and his ex-girlfriend Dani bear a striking similarity.

Aside from their physical characteristics, both women appeared to be equally engaged in the arts and fashion. Jordyn and Trevor are both enthusiastic about music and modeling.

Trevor has developed an inclination for a certain type of woman with precise characteristics, according to all evidence. He could very well be referring to his ex-girlfriend, Dani!

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