All You Need To Know About The Parents Of Famous YouTubers Vlad and Nikita!

YouTube has grown into a big forum for people, whether it’s for a regular vlog, silly challenges, significant talents, or simple prank films. Vlad and Niki, who became an internet sensations at a young age, are among them.

Vlad and Niki’s parents, Sergey and Victoria Vashketova, also aided them with their YouTube careers. As a result, from now on, we’ll be talking about the star-makers, Sergey and Victoria. As a result, have fun.

Vlad and Nikita have been married for over a decade and are blessed to have a young and supportive family who genuinely cares about one another and their children.

Regrettably, nothing is known about the Russian-American couple and their romantic history. Despite their extremely secretive personalities, Sergey and Victoria are clearly in love. Furthermore, the Vashketovs frequently post photos of themselves enjoying each other’s company. Sergey Vashketov, a father of three, respects his wife’s efforts to keep the family together, and vice versa.

The Vashketova couple has three gorgeous children, Vladislav Vashketov, Nikita Vashketov, and Christian Sergey Vashketov, who was born during their enigmatic years of marriage.

Vladislav Vashketov, Victoria and Sergey Vashketov’s first child, was born on February 26, 2013. Nikita, their second child, was born on June 4, 2015. Christian, their youngest kid, was ultimately brought into the world in 2019.

The Vashketovs has grown into a formidable family, and their YouTube presence is well-known and influential. Additionally, their first two children, Vlad and Nikita, were child influencers and were able to quit their professions to pursue a career as full-time YouTubers.

Vlad and Nikita’s parents are also YouTubers who work full-time

Vlad and Niki’s parents, as previously said, assisted them in dramatically growing their YouTube channel. For the Vashketov family, what began as a simple hobby for the kids grew into a life-changing career.

Furthermore, Vlad and Nikita’s mother, Victoria Vashketova, appears to keep her personal information under wraps, not disclosing anything about her family. Sergey Vashketov’s tale is similar.

Victoria reportedly told People that her children were inspired by other videos and requested if they might start filming their own. As a result, Sergey and Victoria started filming entertaining videos on weekends and editing them in Sergey’s spare time. They gradually began to post, and their audiences grew dramatically.

Furthermore, Vlad and Niki’s mother seemed ecstatic when her children’s channel became a popular destination for preschoolers all over the world who enjoyed family vacations. As a result, they decided to expand their channel to eleven languages, including Indian, Russian, Arabic, and others.

Parents of Vlad and Nikita – Victoria Vashketova and Sergey Vashketova

Sergey and Victoria Vashketova, parents of YouTubers Vlad and Nikita, assisted their children in starting their own YouTube channel.  When it comes to the family’s father, Sergey Vashketov, prefers to introduce himself as a YouTube producer. Unfortunately, little is known about his or his wife Victoria’s post-YouTube careers, but we do know that they have completely embraced their YouTube careers.

However, how much money do they make from their YouTube endeavors?

Parents of Vlad and Niki Estimated Net Worth 2022/2023

As previously indicated, Vlad and Nikita’s parents are helping their children realize their ambition of becoming YouTube stars. Vlad and Niki were influential characters among pre-schoolers at the ages of seven and eight, respectively, and six.

If you’re a fan of Vlad and Niki, you’re probably aware that their parents operate 21 channels in 18 languages. If you know how YouTube works, you already know that YouTube brings in a lot of money for the Vashketov family.

Vlad and Niki have collected millions of views and subscribers around the world, and each channel earns a sizable sum in addition to billions of views. Interestingly, the duo launched their YouTube channel in April 2018, and their rapid rise in just two years is quite remarkable.

As a result, we’ve put together a brief table to explain how YouTube helps Victoria and Sergey’s net worth. Vlad and Nikki’s expected revenues from their various channels are mentioned below, according to Social Blade.

They also profit off their goods, which are usually sold out within hours of their release. As a result, products and brand endorsements have a significant impact on the Vashketov family’s net worth.

The parents of Vlad and Nikita, Victoria and Sergey, live their aspirations while bringing their children’s imaginations to life. Surprisingly, they managed to keep their anonymity by only appearing on Instagram in 2015. However, we anticipate seeing more of these in the coming days.

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