All You Need To Know About The Daughter Of Jason Earles – Noah Earles!

Noah Earles is a child actress who is best known for being Jason Earles’ daughter. Earles is an American actor and comedian best known for his appearances in Hannah Montana and the Disney XD sitcom Kickin’ It as Jackson Stewart and Rudy Gillespie, respectively.

Relationship Status

Noah Earles was born to Jason Earles and Jennifer Earles. Her parents met at Rocky Mountain College while she was a freshman. Over time, the two felt attracted to one another and began dating in 2002. Their romance lasted five months before they decided to turn it into a long-term marriage commitment.


They had a lovely and happy life with their daughter until their marriage got strained, and they chose to separate. The divorce was finalized in 2013.

Noah Earles With Her Father Jason Earles
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Her Father’s Second Marital Relationship

Her mother chose to remain single following her divorce in order to care for her daughter. On the other side, her father had a different experience. Jason, her father, married a woman named Katie Drysen for the second time. They dated for two years before exchanging wedding vows at the Garland Hotel in California on August 13, 2017. The wedding was attended by Jason’s family, friends, and Disney co-stars.

Miley Cyrus, His Friendship, and Twitter Information Revealed

Her father is a little late to the Twitter party, but he says that he finds it unsettling. He claims that there were many fake accounts with his name on Twitter and that many people didn’t think it was him.

He goes on to state that after collaborating on a video with Miley, his fan base tripled, which he attributes to Miley Cyrus’ influence. He doesn’t give Miley gifts because he has more than enough to share with her. He showers her with infinite care and adoration. He claims to be working on a hilarious Karate program.

Jason Earles gives a fascinating interview

Papa Noah Earles’ father, Jason Earles, created cheese jerky, which he and Oliver prepared on their show “Hannah Montana.” While talking about the meal, Jason said that he and Oliver were trying to make some money.

He had cheese, and Oliver had jerky; unfortunately, an accident caused the two goods to be mixed, and the next thing they knew, they were selling it on the beach for money. When asked what the dumbest thing he’d ever done for money was when he was younger, Jason revealed that he used to be a bubblegum fanatic who would do anything for it.

During the cooking process, he admitted to being the messiest person in the kitchen. Jason was born in Oregon and went to college in Montana, which surprised Christy. In the episode, he played Miley Cyrus’ obnoxious elder brother, and he displayed a protective attitude toward her.

Jason said that he has always desired an action figure doll when asked whether he wanted one. So his friend gave him a doll from the Cheese Jerky episode, but the doll looked more like Oliver than him, which was hilarious.

Hannah Montana Is Mentioned By Her Father, Among Other Things

Noah Earles’ father, Jason Earles, talks about how Disney has changed and expanded since he worked on ‘Phil the Future.’ He also talked about his role in ‘Hannah Montana.’ He claimed that he was unqualified for the position. He claimed that he did not want to go to an audition, but that his agency persuaded him to go because nothing was happening in LA at the time.

Jason considers Lisa London, his casting director, to be his spokesperson. When he entered the room, he was greeted by a casting director who remembered him from his previous film, so he walked into the room, unconcerned about the job, and auditioned without feeling pressured. He continued by saying that he had the best audition of his life and that he was hired.

When asked how it felt to test for Disney Channel, he claimed it was the most horrifying experience he’d ever had. Jason went on to note that during the initial audition, casting directors are often helpful.

The situation becomes a little more stressful if there are producers present. In the Disney test, three writers and the director, two executive producers, and four Disney officials are still observing from the other side of the room.

Then one knows that they are only one step away from the job, which adds to the strain. The presenter was taken aback when she learned that Miley had landed her part after two years of auditioning, despite the fact that the producers first thought she was too young for the position. He also said that almost a thousand young people auditioned for the role of Michael Jackson, which he was subsequently cast in.

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