All You Need To Know About The Controversy Regarding Naughty Boy’s Age!

Since entering the reality television show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2021, Naughty Boy, whose actual name is Shahid Khan, has been in the spotlight for his contradicting behaviors.

The DJ from the United Kingdom was recently accused of lying about his age. During the ITV broadcast, Naughty Boy claimed to be 36 years old, although he was not.

According to an official ITV news release revealing the music producer’s bogus age, “The 36-year-old, who is known for his culinary prowess, plans to stir up some dinners in the castle by taking on the position of chef. He also aspires to be someone in whom everyone can put their trust.”

Naughty Boy is actually 40 years old, not 36.

According to public records obtained by The Sun, Naughty Boy was born on January 1, 1981, in Watford, Hertfordshire, and is now 40 years old. According to these details, the record producer will turn 41 in a few weeks, on New Year’s Day 2022.

The newspaper also included responses from the reality TV star’s former classmates, who were amused by his age deception.

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“Bad by name and naughty by nature – he’s having a giggle by pretending he’s younger,” one of his mates, 40, who attended secondary school Westfield Academy in Watford with Naughty Boy from 1992 to 1997, told the publication.

The acquaintance went on to say, “Watford’s worst kept secret is Shahid’s true age. It’s fantastic that he’s done so well. But it’s unfortunate that he lied about his age so openly.”

Naughty Boy’s Fans React to His New Age

Netizens and Naughty Boy’s followers reacted quickly to the news, which was first published on Instagram by the Daily Mirror.

“Come on, no one thought he was 36,” someone admitted candidly, adding, “Those who are saying this isn’t news, I’d rather see news like this than the scaremongering that’s been put in our faces daily.” “He’s simply a nasty boy, isn’t he?” said another.

“Honestly, just leave the poor boy alone,” someone said in Naughty Boy’s defense.

“He looks 30 for me,” someone joked.

Naughty Boy had previously stated that he will be leaving the show.

Naughty Boy made headlines a few days ago when he announced his departure from the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! show. His quest had “came to an end,” he reportedly told his castmates.

The music producer told his castmates Snoochie, Matty, and Danny during a talk in camp that he would be leaving in the morning and wanted to make his last night memorable.

He added, “I want to make today a special night because I’ll be departing in the morning.” “I believe my time here is up.”

It was the second time the famous DJ had intended to leave the program, as he had previously expressed a desire to leave the castle during his stint in The Clink, and Dame Arlene Phillips admitted she shared his sentiments.

Naughty Boy is the owner of Naughty Boy Recordings, a full-time DJ, record producer, musician, and chef. Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Hudson, JLS, Cheryl, Alesha Dixon, and Tinie Tempah are among his collaborators.

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